When I Grow Up

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I would like to be a nice and caring Pediatrician (Physician). A pediatrician is a child’s physician. I chose this wonderful job because I love children and I want to help them. The one thing I like most about kids is their creativity. They generally have a really open mind and are able to come up with some very interesting solutions to things that older people, would never come up with.

I loved being a small kid, I had a lot of attention from my family, did not have to stress out about anything, and most importantly I did not have to go to school. To be honest, I am still a little scared about going to the doctor. When I went once to get the flu shot I was really scared, but before I knew it, it was over. The doctor made me feel so good about myself, she made me feel strong. Then, I looked up at my dad and said this “daddy, I want to be a nice and caring pediatrician like her”.


A pediatrician has a lot of duties /obligations even if they are general pediatrician. He/she supervises their support staff to see that the office runs professionally and efficiently. They also need to make sure they provide care for infants, children, teenagers, and young adults. They diagnose and treat infections, injuries, genetic defects, malignancies, organic diseases, and dysfunctions.

Large part of a pediatrician’s job involves treating illnesses. These can be everything from everyday illnesses such as colds and strep throat, to milestone childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and chicken pox. A pediatrician examines the patient first, next orders tests if needed, and then analyzes test results, last diagnoses the illness and decides on a treatment plan.

Education/Special Skills Required

To become a Pediatrician you first need to pass the General Education Development. Classes like biology, physics, and chemistry will prepare you for the type of coursework you will be studying in medical school. Then you graduate from a four year university (collage). Next you take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The MCAT is a standardized multiple-choice test that is required for admission to medical school. Finally finish medical school. Most medical school programs are four years long. Once you have graduated from medical school, you will need to complete a three year pediatric training program at a hospital before you can start your own practice.

Last you need to get board certified, which means you can be a pediatrician now. But there are some important qualities you must have. Like communication skills, Pediatricians need to be excellent communicators. They must be able to communicate effectively with their patients and other Healthcare support staff. They also need patience. Pediatricians may work for long periods with patients who need special attention. Children and patients with a fear of medical treatment (like me) may require more patience.

But most importantly problem solving skills, they need to evaluate patient’s symptoms and administer the appropriate treatments. They often need to do this quickly in order to save a patient’s life. Before you go into all these you need to have demanding education and training requirements.

Salary Expectations

Another thing of why I want to be a pediatrician is because of how much salary I get. Though the average salary of a pediatrician is around $142,585 per year, that is only a range .Now 10% of pediatricians get $41.78 every hour they work, but on the other hand 25% of pediatricians get $59.18 every hour they work. What I am really happy about is that 50% of pediatricians get $74.34 every hour they work. In the future 4.2% of pediatricians will get $80.59 hourly, which means when I grow up I have chance of getting that much money.

Depending on the country and place you live will change or maybe stay the same of your salary. Like if I live in Baton Rouge, LA I would earn $118.81 hourly. But if I live in San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA I would get $76.40. Since I am hoping to be the manger I will have to spend some of my salary on stickers toys and stuff like that to make my patients happy and make sure they come back to me whenever they get sick or ill. Also I would need to give salary to my employments. This means, I need to work a lot of hours and be a great doctor/ manager.

An Experience That Helped Me Grow Up

An experience that helped you understand purpose of Life: When God created this universe, he created each every particle in it with a certain purpose and with a certain design in mind. And that is what our belief in our religion tells us that no one is superior or inferior in front of Allah but it’s our deeds that make us superior or inferior in front of our creator. Our deeds are determined by our performance in the tasks that Allah gives us throughout our lives.

My maturity in conceiving the purpose of life didn’t come naturally but it was achieved when I witnessed the life events of one of my closest friend and the way she coped with each and every challenge of life with an open mind and with great composure on her part. My best childhood and school friend Hiba was with me since 6th grade and she was well known among all her friend circle to be very charming not because of her good looks but more because of the way she always had the positive perspective for every event happening around us.

She was the one in our friend group whom we all used to look up to whenever we were stuck in little mischieviious and innocent situations of school life without knowing the fact that God is going put her through such big challenges of life where she will be all alone dealing with the high tides of this world. It was pleasant morning of winters and the school day began with usual exchange of pleasantries between classmates. Hiba was smiling and mischievous as usual and our 10th grade class teacher began the day with taking our attendance.

Almost two lectures have gone by when a PA to principal came to our class and told Hiba to report the principal as soon as possible. A few minutes later we came to know that Hiba’s parents had died in road accident on the motorway. There whole class room went into complete silence and we had no difficulty imagining how hard this news will be for Hiba, who was the eldest among the sisters. She was a brilliant student and had always wanted to be a doctor. That evening all friends went to the Hiba’s home to pay our condolences and to our amazement Hiba was sitting all composed and calm.

The only words we heard from her mouth were the pray that May god give her strength to be a support for her sisters and even at those tough times she was thankful to God for all the blessings He had bestowed open the family. Listening to her saying that prayer I felt as if we all are very immature about our perspective of living and also knew at that moment that God will become her greatest strength and will pull her and her sisters out of this situation and will bless her more than she will ever think of.

That day I learned that we should be thankful to our God for every single breath of our life and instead of asking Him for more we should thank Him for what he has already given us. And we should never idealize too much instead we should be prepared to stand against every challenge, life throws at us and we shouldn’t find strength in our weaknesses and lust for life but our main strength lies in our belief in Allah and what we have today right here right at the moment.

Today Hiba is studying medicine on scholarship in one of the top university of Pakistan. And she is also managing her whole house with the money her father left for the family. I amm sure the day is not far away when she will be a famous doctor of Pakistan. We as persons and as a nation needs to understand that God gives challenges only to those who have the strength to bear them and belief in God is the most important ingredient of life which one should never forget.

Contrast between Growing up as a Single Child

My brother and I always compare and want to the better than each other. Since I have experienced both growing as only child and with siblings, I have several perspectives similarities and differences between rising up in single child family and having siblings. No matter we have siblings or not, are the first one we communicate with, so parents are their role model in their childhood. Parents are the one who can affect their children the most. It may determine their personality by different methods of parenting.

Growing up as only child and with siblings can have similar personality. For instance, I have a younger bother but my friend does not. Our parents have similar occupation and they are talkative people. When my friend and was developing our personality, we both have a out-going mind and easy to talk with people. Therefore, parents are the most important characteristic when we are growing up. Only children don’t grow up with interaction, so they learn to be children on their own. Children, who have brothers and sisters, are raised among heir siblings.

They tend to compare with their playmates. When they have conversation, play games together, or solve problems, they can share their different opinions In order to learn how to cooperate with people. By the time they are growing up, elder siblings always can help parents to take care younger siblings. Younger siblings also can learn from older siblings because children are easier to intimate what are other people doing. Only children would have less opportunity to get interaction and cooperation. Another difference is getting and sharing stuffs.

Growing up with brothers and sister has to share everything in the family, such as rooms, toys, etc. In the single child family, parents have only one kid to spend money on and he or she does not have to share stuffs with anybody. Therefore, they can get more toys than the children who have siblings. Only children have all things that parents are given. For example, if there are two families from middle class and have enough money to afford one child to study aboard, the child, who does not have filings will get the chance to study overseas because only children family can spend all the money to one child.

However, the families, which have more than one child, need to balance what their kids needed. In this case, parents are most likely not a single child and with siblings are more than the similarities of those. They born have pros and cons. But, I feel grateful that I have a younger bother. He makes me to learn sharing and cooperating earlier than single children. I feel there always someone accompanies me.

Growing Up Critical Analysis

What does it mean to grow up? Does it mean washing your car, paying your bills, getting a job? Does it mean getting married, having kids, and sprouting gray hair? Is it necessary? Is everyone capable of it? Is it going to be hard and will it be worth the effort? All of these questions are probably what made Peter Pan decide to never leave Neverland. Growing up means a lot of different things to many different people. If we look at the words “growing up”, we simply think of the physical aspect of ageing, growing tall and wide.

But for most people, growing up means something deeper involving a change in the approach that an individual has to life and the actions that are taken with it. In this essay, we will look at why people have difficulty growing up, why it does or does not matter that they do, and what growing up truly entails. In M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled, he suggested four rules of discipline that lead to maturity and growth in a human being. These four pathways are the delay of gratification, acceptance of responsibility, dedication to truth, and balancing.

Although he claims that most people have learned to use these four tools by the age of ten, I do not believe that everyone learns to grow up by the age of ten. In reality, I can see a level of understanding that children this age have for “growing up” and being mature, but they choose not to. I think in order for human beings to put these devices to use, they must gain experience. With experience comes failure and success. This is how we learn. In order to act like a grown up, it’s necessary for us to learn to make the right decisions by trial and error.

It is nearly impossible to be taught to live a certain way and never stray from it as a child. Children have higher tendencies to give in to their desires right away because they have not learned of serious consequences. With life experiences, that knowledge is instilled in us all. Along with experience usually comes a sense of morals. Morality is learned in tough situations, or it is taught. But typically, humans have to actually learn to do the right thing. They can’t just be told.

Mistakes are made and we are held accountable. Such mistakes could include simple things when we are young like hitting your younger sibling, or they could be as adults like not paying your bills. Sometimes, we have to make the mistake in order to be able to correct it. We look at the mistake we made, for example, cheating on a test. We are pleased with the score. However, we see that we did not receive the grade that was deserved. The other students all put in long hours of studying and in turn earned their good grades.

When something like this happens an immature person would not think much of it and move on, but a person who has grown spiritually into a person with morals will not feel comfortable with this result, and probably not do it again. That is one form of growing up. It is important to feel responsibility for the actions that have been taken. The next step is reacting in a productive way to that responsibility. In order to assume responsibility, we have to have a sense of right and wrong which is only naturally learned by living life. When responsibility is accepted, we have begun to see the truth and reality of our situation, as Peck describes.

Dedication to truth is heavily involved with the concept of accepting responsibility because for people to see blame in themselves, they have to have a clear plane of reality that shows the necessity of a solution from them. The eyes have to be opened to the truth of a problem to assume honest responsibility. Taking responsibility just because it has been ordered from us is not useful unless we are able to sit back and look at the dilemma and genuinely see where action from ourselves is necessary. If this isn’t realized, then the growing up part of responsibility is not being activated.

Some people never learn to take responsibility because they aren’t willing to hold blame for anything. These people have not grown up. They may have learned morals, but their experiences have not taught them consequences serious enough for them to change into adults. People with money often get away with this because they do not face the common struggle most people face which is providing themselves with necessities to survive. Affluent people are sometimes just given things without earning them, which results in them never having to take responsibility for themselves.

The withholding of gratification is a rough subject. Why would any human want to reject themselves of pleasure to get work done? As crazy as it sounds, it does in fact make sense. Delaying gratification in order to complete necessary tasks is an important part of becoming a mature adult. The idea of waiting for the good until the bad is finished is taught to us from childhood. We are told to eat our vegetables before dessert, and to do our homework before we can play outside. There are reasons that I will mention that may explain why many young people do not agree with this part of growing up.

I realized this when I was discussing the issue with my mother. She made a clear point that she agreed with Peck’s delaying gratification. In her generation, you worked hard, went to college, and got a job. Your hard work paid off inevitably, no exceptions. The people she knew who didn’t work hard, who just hung around and wasted their time playing at bars or other frivolous activities, did not get far and those are the people who are pressed for hard times now. This is where one generation misses the next. In my life, I have not grown up seeing stability in the future.

Neither have my peers. We see a lot of people who work hard and in turn are being laid off of work. We see people who strive for their goals, but do not come out with happiness or the things they intended. This distrust in the future causes many people to be confused. They ask why I would spend the best years of my life doing things I don’t enjoy to have nothing in return. Consequently, many people my age and even ages across the board are coming to the conclusion to gratify themselves while they can and hope for the best later on because it looks dubious to begin with.

I relate to the experience of feeling pessimistic about the future. My parents were divorced and my father died when I was young. That makes an incredible and difficult impact on the effort it takes to see a stable time ahead. The divorce rate in the country could have a large impact on this feeling in people my age. However, the “mature” adult is always around the corner making sure the young people will do the right thing. So the uncertainty of the tomorrow makes a lot of people question whether to put in the hard work now because the opportunity for gratification may not be there afterwards.

Although Peck mentions this point in his book, he does not discuss why this is an invalid argument. This leads me to believe that delaying gratification is a flexible tool of discipline. It may work well for some people and it may not work well for others. With experience comes knowledge and it’s very hard to retract what’s been learned. I believe that it’s a lifestyle choice. Some people chose to live life on the edge and go day to day because their judgment has told them to live that way and it’s been honestly beneficial to them.

In other people, working hard has paid off to amazing gratification in their lives and given them much to be thankful for. I think that it’s about being happy and taking responsibility for the way that you create your happiness. Growing up really requires a lot of effort although it is a natural process. If the parents do not show signs of maturity, then the child will not unless he learns it from his peers. That in itself is a rare case though. Growing up and becoming a mature adult is a part of life that has to be experienced and learned in order to enjoy all aspects of life.

If a person does not go through the harsh world of work and responsibility, then they may never know the true worth of happiness and bliss and freedom. In the bigger picture of the world and the universe, if we do not grow up and become hard working adults, it may not matter. The strong will survive inevitably and the immature and weak will not. People may get away with not following Peck’s rules of discipline throughout their lives and they may be happy, but they will not know the meaning of a hard day’s work which is one of the best feelings of accomplishment a human can have.

Growing Up In a Large Family

Family, being the most basic unit of society is where the values of an individual are shaped. That is ideal of course and varies from widely from culture to culture.  In developed countries, the family is mostly composed of the mother, father, and child. The number of children also varies from 1-3. That is called the nuclear family wherein a home includes no other relatives other than the first degree. However, when it comes to developing countries where family ties are valued down to the farthest line such as cousins, uncles, and grandparents, a family can be as large as seven to 12 people of more. In countries where the Islam religion is dominant and where the law allows for concubines, a family can be very large.

There are many advantages when it comes to growing up in a large family. For one, it is more lively and there are a lot of people who can help each other just in case the parents are busy. In cases where there are many children, as long as the parents are able to give equal love, care, and financial support to each child then the family can be a host to a well-rounded child. This is because even at a young age he is trained to mingle with a large crowd and build close ties with the others. The child, therefore, grows to be an emotionally stable child and is well endowed with love and care.

Brotherhood and sisterhood can also be cultivated in the mind of the child since he has a lot of siblings to take care of and play with. He will learn values such as teamwork and camaraderie at a young age. In addition to that, if the parents are loving enough and are effective in their parenting, the children will value sharing and fairness. In cases where the grandparents and other relatives live with the family, then there would be a lot of adults to take care of the children and minimizing or compensating the love and attention that the parents can’t give to their child. In a nutshell, growing up in a large family can be very beneficial for the emotional status of the child.



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