Self Concept Paper

Self Concept Paper Although, many people like and dislike many of their physical appearances they have to cope with the fact that they can not change them and that their unique characteristics make them who they are. My favorite characteristic is my hair; I like my hair because it is long and curly. I can do a number of different styles with my hair such as straightening it, making it wavy or leaving it curly. I’ve never been bothered with my hair because my hair is unique and not many people have the type of curls that I do.
Another one of my favorite characteristics is my eyes and eyelashes. I like my eyes because they have a nice shape; like an almond their not to big nor are they too small. My eyelashes are super long, I cut them in fourth grade because I thought they were too long but luckily they grew back at a good length. I also like my legs; I like my legs because they have a nice muscle tone and their not to big. One of my traits that I don’t like is my teeth. I don’t like my teeth because I have a gap. They’re not that bad because they’re all straight but my gap irritates me bad.
My feet is another characteristic that I don’t like about myself, the reason I don’t like my feet is because is because they’re too wide and my toes are chunky. Even though, we like to think we don’t relate to anyone and we’re our own person; the truth is that we do, humans share many traits with each other. I like to think that I am caring, hardworking and honest. I’m thoughtful because I care for other people; I like to know what’s going on with people and if something is on their mind. I’m a hard worker because I strive to do my best at anything I do, I don’t like to see myself fail at any goal I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m truthful because I’ve been lied to as a child and in the past. The feeling of being lied to hurts, it makes someone feel as though their feelings or emotions don’t matter and that their not strong enough to handle the truth. Me personally, I would never want to lie to someone and put them through anything they shouldn’t have to go through. One bad thing about me is that I’m judgmental, I judge people before I even get the chance to meet them or even know what their like. If I see someone I stereotype them and until I really get to know the person well, I always just have those thoughts.
Another thing about me is that I’m naive. I believe anything anyone tells me; someone can tell me there’s a fire in my house while I’m in it and ill say “where? ” The worst thing about me is my attitude. I have a bad attitude and if I don’t like someone it definitely shows, but I have frequent mood swings. If I’m having a bad day or someone frustrated me, half my day will be ruined and ill take it out on everyone else but not intentionally. I have a well rounded personality, I feel as though I’m a easy person to get along with; I’m helpful, friendly, and trustworthy.
I like to be beneficial to anyone who needs it, everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while and need someone to help them get on their feet; I like to be that person. I’m extremely outgoing I like to have a good time and enjoy myself know matter where I’m at. I don’t like anyone feeling left out so I always try to make the person I’m with have as much as a good time I’m having. Having someone who is dependable is important. Everyone needs that one friend who they can run to and tell all there secrets to and not second guess them even telling a soul, I feel as though I’m very reliable.
A few negative personality traits I have are being shy, stubborn and not talkative. I’m very timid around people I don’t know or around people I feel uncomfortable with, but once I get to know you very welcoming and outgoing. If I don’t know you, I wont talk to you or try to conversate with you, I’m not talkative to people I’m not familiar with. The worst personality trait I have is being stubborn. If I could change me being stubborn I definitely would. Being obstinate can cause a lot of conflict especially with other obstinate people; if things don’t go my way I become highly frustrated very fast.
I interviewed three people and how they view me as an individual, I wasn’t too surprise with the responses I received because I can see why they would think that way about me. Some positive things that were said about me are that I’m very responsible, dependable and hardworking. I, myself had also thought I was hardworking; I like to achieve all my goals and get everything done. I’m reliable because everyone knows if they ask me to do something and I’m able to do it, it will get done. That’s sort of where my perfectionist kicks in, where everything has to be done right and in order.
A few negative things that my family thought was being hardheaded, impatient and having a bad attitude. I admit that I’m hardheaded because I don’t listen to what people tell me even if they know for a fact it’s a bad decision. I like to make my own mistakes and learn from them because if you don’t learn from your mistakes you’re going to keep making them. I also agree that I’m intolerant because I have no patience to wait for anything. I get easily frustrated when something takes longer than it has to.
I take my school work and jobs very seriously, so when it comes to school I work I don’t play around and try my hardest to do everything the way it’s suppose to be and to do everything on time. I’m extremely hard working; I strive to do my best in any and everything I do so I can make something out of myself. I’m a very driven person when it comes to something important because if you loose sight of the big picture, your goals or ambitions you will be lost in the long run and it will take you longer to get to where you want to be.
I’m so determined to make something of myself because my whole life I’ve seen my family struggling just to make ends meet and I don’t want to see myself in their shoes, I want to succeed and be someone in the future. I do have a few negative attribute when it comes to performance at school or work, just like everyone else. I’m easily sidetracked because when I’m focused on something I want done and another thing pops up or needs to be done such as cleaning, phone calls or picking up my sister I’ll do it with out finishing the first thing I was doing.
I’m most distracted when I’m in school because if I get a text message or phone call while taking notes or listening to a lecture I loose concentration. Being a procrastinator is the worst trait I think I could have picked up on because I throw important things to the backburner, thinking I will do it when I’m ready or when I’m finished with something and I end up forgetting about it all together. I’m often sluggish because I go to school Monday through Thursdays and work everyday, so sometimes I won’t finish or accomplish many things such as homework, projects or studying because I just want sit around, rest or sleep all day.
Throughout the day, I’m a pretty laid back relaxed person. I get things done in that process though. I keep myself motivated because if I’m not motivated I won’t succeed but I’m a very organized person and that shows that I care about my priorities. My biggest problem that I’ve dealt with my whole life is waking up late. I tend to sleep in or over sleep most of the time, that’s not a good attribute because I waste my entire day by sleeping and sometimes I’m late to class and miss parts of a lectures. Throughout the day I find myself cleaning up after my self and other all the time.
I’m too much of a clean freak, I usually annoy people who are with or around me and because I’m always straightening up the house. A non-clean person irritates me to death, it makes me mad when people don’t clean up after their selves. When it comes to mental functioning I like to think of myself as a multitasked person, very curious and spontaneous, independent, antagonistic, horrible at math and having a bad memory. Being able to do a lot of things at once is a positive attribute to me as long as your doing all the things correct; I can get many things done at one time while doing an impressive job.
I like the fact that I’m curious and spontaneous, I like to discover and try new things because we only live once. My friends love hanging out with me and anyways ask me about things to do. I’m a very independent person who doesn’t like to seek help from others, I like to do things on my own and provide for myself, it makes me feel good. I feel as though I need to work for what I want because nothing is ever given to you. Math is my worst subject and I’ve always struggled with it throughout my life, but I’ve come to realize that I am not the only person with that problem.
Now that I am in college and need to take 3 more semesters of math I seek help from the math tutors and by doing that I have learned a great amount, math is beginning to become understanding instead of stressful. Having a bad memory is a bad attribute that I have I can never remember important things that I’m suppose to remember. If I’m having a conversation with someone and I get sidetracked I’ll forget my entire train of thought. My friends and family get frustrated with me when I forget things.

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