How and Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews

How,why and with what results did Hitler persecute the Jews ? How,why and with what results did Hitler persecute the Jews ? Hitler made them numerous promises and used many techniques of propaganda. Through Hitlers entire regime , Hitler’s main goal was to persecute the jews. The Jews were severely mistreated by Hitler and his numerous followers. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that established persecution of the Jews. There are various reason why Hitler wanted to persecute Jews in the first place.
Hitler used gruesome methods of torture to persecute them. At the end of world war 1, Life for the German people became very difficult after the Treaty of Versailles. After paying a great amount of money for war damage to France and Great Britain, In 1929 Germany was in a economic depression of the worst kind. Hitler was a very inteligent man. He knew that the Germans was in a desperate state and were looking for someone to blame . He believed that the Jews were a threat to the so called superior ‘Aryan’ race, which was blonde haired,blue eyed and mainly German.
He said there were many inferior races ,but the lowest of them all were the Jews. The Germans were extremely poor and unemployed. They turned to blame the Jews ,many whom were rich and successfull in business. Hitler made them promises such as new job openings and a decrease in unemployment if the Jews were taken out of the picture. Hitler was famouse for saying “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. ” Hitler often told lies in his speeches . He was a great speaker and manged to convince the people that what he was saying was true.

Hitler indoctrinated the children into beliving that the Jews were not pure blood and a threat to the nation through the curriculum and textbooks taught in school. Nother reason for his hatred were his anti capitalist and anti liberalism views. He claimed that the Jews were a part of an international conspiracy, and that he had profited from the misery of other Germans. All these were serious accusations but Germany was vulnerable other Germans. All these were serious accusations but Germany was vulnerable and was looking for something to believe in.
Anti-Semitics believed Jews fit such stereotypes; ‘criminals, sexual predators, inferior, bacteria, unpatriotic’. To this day historians are confused about why Hitler personaly hated the jews . It is said that when Hitler was trying to make a living in Vienna, he often saw may Jews minting with money around him and thought it was unfair that they were extremely rich and he had to struggle to make a aliving. What further confuses the historians is that Hiters mother whom he worshiped was half Jewish resulting in him growing up in a semi jewish household.
Once Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933,persecution of the Jews became official. Placards reading ‘Jews not wanted’ were hung on doors outside shops and cafes. Jews were ade to wear the Star of David and beaten up on streets . In 1935,The Nuremberg laws were made. were antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany introduced at the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party. Only Germans or those with related blood were considered citizens of the Reich from then on. Marriage or sexual relations between Jews and those of German blood. Were forbidden.
By the mid 1930s the Jews were terrified and began to fled. Some went to Palestine,others to the USA and Britain. In 1938 the jews went around smashing Jewish stoores,homes and Synagogues. Ordinary German began to help in mudering the Jews. After Germany invaded Polandand Czechoslovakia in 1939 ,more Jews were trapped under German rule. The Germans began to transport Jews into the Ghettos. Initially Hitler began sending all jews to concentration camps. In the concentration camps, the Jews were either tortured or made to do hard labour. Even with the tiniest excuses they were shot.
The Nazis killed physically or mentaly impaired jews without question. They would be selected for gassing this meant they would all be placed in a room and that mustard gas would be sprayed on them. If they survived, most Jews would slowly and systematically starved to death. This was made even worse because while they were being denied proper food, they were expected to do manual labour for long hours, despite being hungry and thirsty. As they were treated so badly,the Jews began to look like how they were made to seem in the propaganda posters making the Germans agree with Hitler even ore. the food was close to not non-existent, it was calculated to starve the Jews into corpses. Sometimes Jews were publicly hanged at roll call time. Jewish prisoners froze to death because they were not allowed to have any warm clothing or protection from the elements, and winters were very harsh. thers were experimented on by the notoriously brutal Dr. Mengele who used Jews to test out his own particular scientific theories. 2 million Jews were killed in 1941 ,when the invasion of the USSR began.
The Final Solution in december 1941 was Nazi Germany’s plan during World War II to annihilate the Jewish people, resulting in the most deadly phase of the Holocaust, the destruction of Jewish communities in continental Europe. about one million Jews were killed before the plans of the Final Solution were fully implemented in 1942, but it was only with the decision to eradicate the entire Jewish population that the extermination camps were built and industrialized mass slaughter of Jews began . The final solution implements what it’s name says, the final solution of getting rid of the Jews forever.
Jews were rounded up in Germany,in Eastern Europe and every other part of the Nazi controlled Europe,Jews were sent to death camps. The most deadly extermination camp was in Auschwitz in Poland. 4 million people were sent and only 60,000 survived. All in all , the Holocaust will always be a big part of history as it resulted in deaths of millions of Jews who were all innocent people, who lived lives of hardships and torture to a great degree. We will never truly understand the pain and the sorrow they went through ,losing many loved ones. This was the destructive result of the persecution of the Jews. Rhea Daulet-Singh

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