Employee Welfare

Table of contents

What Is Welfare

Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all citizens, sometimes referred to as public aid. In most developed countries, welfare is largely provided by the government, in addition to charities, informal social groups, religious groups, and inter-governmental organizations. The work place should provide reasonable amenities for its good working. The betterment of workers conditions must produce more from the employer down rather than the forced up by demand from below. It is also important because the labour is contented.

Well housed, well fed, well looked after it is not only an asset to the labour in the country. Therefore welfare is also fundamentally in the interest of the large society as the health, happiness and efficieny of each individual contributes the general well being of all. The concept of welfare is dynamic in nature and vary from country to country and from time to time and even in the same country depending up on the value system , social institutions, degree of industrialization and general level social and economic development.

According to Frederic Engels, “labour is the source of all wealth it is next to nature, which supplies with the materials that it converts in to wealth but it is even definitely more than this”.

Employee Welfare

Employee welfare work aims at providing such service facilities and amenities to the workers employed in factories and industries healthy, congenial surroundings conductive to good health and high moral. The aim or objectives of welfare activities is partly humanistic to enable the workers to enjoy a fuller and richer life.

The relevant and necessity of welfare work in India, can be easily realized if one observe pitiable working condition of workers in the country. Stable and effective labour force cannot be build up with an improvement in the condition of life and work in the industrial centre. The development of community and society depends on the development of labour . The importance of labour welfare is beyond the stage is debate and is recognized on as integrate part of industrial tradition in all industrially advances countries.

Labour is the vital part of business part of organizationand management , and now a day attach more importance to human angel . Increases the productivity , as well as productive efficiently of the workers and induce in them new spirit self realization . The importance of welfare measures was accept was early as 1931, when the labour commission on labour stated that, the benefits which go under thus nomenclature of great importance workers of which he is unable to secure by himself.

Labour welfare is one of the major determinants of industrial relation. Encyclopedia of social sciences defines welfare workers as “voluntary efforts of the employer to establish with in existing industrial system , working and sometime living and cultural condition of the employers beyond what is required by law. The welfare of labouring classes must be one of the first carriers of every employee. The betterment of workers condition must preceed more from the employees. The work space should provide with reasonable amenities for his essential needs.

The concept of welfare and dynamic in nature and vary from country and from time to time and even in the same country depending up on is value system , social institutions, degree of industrialization and general level of social and economic development. Welfare activities are partly humanitarian partly economic and partly civil. It is humanitarian as its aim is providing certain facilities and amenities of life to the workers which they themselves cannot provide; it promotes a sense of responsibility and dignity among workers and to make them better citizen.

According to Frederic Engles, “labour is the source of all wealth; it is next to nature , which supplies its material that convert in to wealth . But it is even definitely more than this. ”

Welfare as Concepts

Indian national congress in its karachi resolution stated that the self guard in the interest of the industrial workers and shall secure then by suitable legislation, by the living wage. Healthy working condition and limited hours of work, suitable machinery for settlement of disputes between employees and workmen and protest against old age sickness and unemployment .

Anything done for intellectual , physical and moral and economic betterment of the workers , whether by employers, by the govt. or by the other agencies over and above what is laid down by the laws of the land, is labour welfare. International organization report refers with regard to labour welfare as “such service facilities and amenities which may be established in or in the vicinity of undertaking to enable the persons employed in perform their working healthy, congenial surroundings and provided with amenities conductive to good health and high moral.

Significance of the Study

  • It helps to improve recruitment. As the job becomes more attractive, more efficient employees can be recruited.
  • Employee welfare improves the morale and loyalty of workers by making them happy and satisfied.
  • It reduces labor turnover and absenteeism thereby building a stable workforce.
  • It helps to increase employee productivity or efficiency by improving their physical and mental health.

Scope of the Study

Employee welfare is vital for the survival of any industry.

The machines and materials in an industry could be operated only by human beings, and when there is a group of people there are chances of conflicts and should be resolved at the earliest . If welfare measures are not provided , they become lazy. Therefore it is important to provide good welfare measures to the employees . So the study on the employee welfare in the company is very important.

Objectives of the Study

The study was conducted to analyze the labour welfare in the safe care . The relationship existing between the management of the company and their workers were studied .

The study aimed to find out whether the workers were satisfied with the welfare facilities provided to them, how many disputes and unrest occurred in the past years, the settlement procedures followed to solve grievences and how negotiation on various terms and condition were made.

Limitation of the Study

  • Only 40 respondents were selected for the study due to time constraints.
  • The duration of the time for the study was limited and hence elaborate and imprehensive project survey was not undertaken.
  • The findings were drawn based on the feed back received through the questionnaires. Interaction with the company professionals was limited, due to their busy schedule.
  • Information obtained is depended on satisfaction level of the respondent. The reliability of the result of the study depends on the reliability of the answers of the respondents were reluctant to give information.

Industrial Profile

World production and consumption of rubber continued to increase in 2008. The ISRG (International Rubber Study Group) estimated that the production would breach the 20 million tonnes level to breach 20. 12 million tonnes of rubber were estimated to be consumed in 2007, of which 41. % was natural rubber. Latex market report gives a comprehensive introduction to both natural and synthetic polymer in one volume. This is a hot subject because of tremendous change in the market. These have increased from the increased use of disposable gloves in the medical industry. Latex products are being used excessively as alternatives to solvent based system such as adhesives, sealants and coatings, because of global legislation concerning the use of volatile flammable solvents. The range of application of latex is extensive.

Polymer Lattices are used in paints and coatings ,textiles ,non-wovens packing, construction (mainly in adhesives and binders), furniture, packing, paper, medical equipments,personnel equipment ,carpet, backing,adhesives, polish,belts. The global annual consumption of natural rubber latex is running at just over 7 million tonnes. Natural rubber is particularly widely used in medical gloves and condom applications. Gloves are by far the largest market sector, consuming around 60%by weight . This is a very competetive market and much of the production industry has being moved to Asia to reduce costs.

World Rubber Production

In 1991 Thailand replaced Malaysia as the top producer and exporter of natural rubber products. This has been the result of re-planning program. A majority of Thailand rubber plantations are located in southern part of the country. Thailand leads the rubber producing countries in research and development of natural rubber. This makes Thai natural rubber the most dependable and consistent. A majority of rubber products are exported in their raw from such as technically specified rubbers: STR ,Skim Block,ADS ,Crape and concentrate Latex . Exports account for 90% of natural rubber production .

The remaining 10% is utilised domestically, 55% of this amount is processes as value added goods . Major manufactured rubber are tyres and inner rubber tubes for automotives. 2. 2 COMPANY PROFILE 2. 2. 1 About the organization Safe Care Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd started its production during the year 2006. It is situated in Cochin Special Economic Zone, Kochi. The products manufactured in this company are pre-powdered and powdered free latex, examination and surgical gloves. It is registered under the factory’s act. The company’s investment in land and building is 50 lakhs and plant and machinery is 114 lakhs.

The annual turnover of the company in the year 2007-08 is Rs. 460 lakhs. The raw materials and equipments used are latex,sulphur,PHT, power free chlorination machine, tensile tester ,air nozzles, physical dimension testing equipments. Its product is exported to Europe ,African countries , Latin America. Safe care subscribes to a philosophy “Quest for Excellence” which ensures that its customer received not only good quality product but also excellent service. Safe care believes in cost effectiveness through effective operation ,timely deliveries and prompt corresspondence . 00% customer satisfaction is their primary motto. The “Quest for Excellence” has earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certificate from TUV suddeutschland ,Germany and regitration of factory with US FDA -510K. The sterile and non-sterile products are CE certified. Indian Rubber Board has examined the gloves and confirmed that surgical and examination gloves meet ASTM D 357 and D 3575 , EN 455 standards.

Objectives Of Safecare Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd

  • To become a leading player through providing rubber products mainly gloves through out the world market.
  • To maximise the return on investment.
  • To achieve the international levels of excellence in quality.
  • To engage in a wide p of business activity through socially accepted way.

Organizational Structure

Safe care rubber products pvt. ltd has a simple organizational structure with two directors Sri. Anil Kumar and Sri. Joseph at the top level management. The directors are jointly responsible for the decisions and all the decisions are taken together . The director of administration is in charge of all the overall operations and publications. The day to day operations and controls are carried out under his supervision .

The other director is in charge of the production and function of the firm. In the middle level management they have two managers Sri. Sukumaran and Smt. Kavitha Anilkumar one in charge of the administration and other is the production manager or the foreman. The manager of administration is in charge of overall administration of the production , purchases, human resources and a link between the lower level and the top level management. The foreman is in charge of overall production and the production line. Both of them report to the top management directly.

The lower level management is filled up by the office Staff and head of laboratory and inspection and supervisors . They all report to the managers of administration who acts as the link for them with the top management.

Varieties of Rubber

The varieties of rubber are : Natural Latex: This is a white fluid obtained from the rubber tree. It contains small particles of rubber dispersed in an aqueous medium. The aqueous medium also contains plant proteins which are thought to be responsible for triggering of allergy. Natural Rubber: This include all material made from containing Latex.

Natural rubber is made by two processes, the natural rubber latex process (NRL) and dry natural rubber process (DNR). DNR Process This involves compressing the rubber at a high temperature and pressure. The plant protein responsible for allergy are denatured at these temperature , and pressure and therefore pose a lower risk than rubber made by NRL process. NRL process This involves the use of natural latex in a concentrated colloidal suspension. This type of latex contains a much greater proportion of plant proteins than latex produced by the DNR process.

Most immediate type reaction results from exposure to NRL products.

Research Methodology

Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. In it, the researcher explains the various steps that are generally adopted in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them.

Purpose of Study

The study was conducted to analyze the labour welfare in the safe care . The relationship existing between the management of the company and their workers were studied .

The study aimed to find out whether the workers were satisfied with the welfare facilities provided to them, how many disputes and unrest occurred in the past years, the settlement procedures followed to solve grievances and how negotiation on various terms and condition were made.

Research Design

A research design is the agreement for the conditions and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevances to the research purpose with the economy in procedure . It is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted. It constitues that blue print for the collection , measurement and analysis of data. The research design here is exploratory research, the focus is on the discovery of ideas.

An exploratory research is to generate new ideas,respondents should be given sufficient freedom to express themselves.

Pilot Study

Interview with worker and manager revealed their feelings towards the plans and policies of the company . This was a source about the employee welfare existing in the company could be observed. The personal options of the workers were collected using interview and schedule and the options of the managers were collected using structured questionnaire.

Universe of the Study

The universe of the study was the total employees and workers of the

Safe Care Sample Study

A sample technique used is convenience sampling. The samples were selected on the basis of both the investigator and the employees.

Data Collection

Data collected were as follows:

  • Welfare facilities offered to the workers.
  • Safety measures in the factory.
  • Relationship between workers and management and trade unions.
  • Promotions and transfers.
  • Effectiveness of the activities of the trade unions.
  • Trading and developing needs of the workers.


The rational system model merger welfare with earning where emphasize is made on the initiative and the efforts of the individual .

Welfare is viewed more in economic terms. If he produces more, he gets more . The only thing the organization provided is to facilitate environment , in terms of water , sanitation , adequate light and ventilation . Hence welfare is concerned with working conditions and in this respect the working environment. The social system model promoter is a system of welfare where the emphasize is on organizational initiatives . Since a worker is striving to satisfy needs other than economic, is the working environment. Personnel enough or people oriented enough to provide opportunities for satisfying them.

Organization make efforts towards workers participations, job enrichment and rotation to provide meaning , variety and interest in their jobs, and hence the place of work. This attempt is concerned with the actual ‘nuts and bolts’ of the job and is related to its content.

Why Welfare

In India , welfare is of the statutory and non-statutory kinds. Though statutory welfare a bare maximum of facilities and reasonably good working conditions , employer are free to provide , or not to provide non statutory measures in varying degrees. From the view point of workers, welfare measures must eliminate risk and insecurity .

This is to ensure their personal safety and provide them with the equipment and atmosphere needed to draw affaire days wage without any feeling of guilt. Given the workers economic constraints , probably due to large families , organizations should provide facilities such as , transport , medical aid, creches, and subsidized food required by the workers.

Social Welfare

Social welfare is being defined as those formally organized and socially sponsored institutions , agencies and programs which function to maintain or improve the economic conditions , health or interpersonnel competence of some parts or all of a population.

It means helping individuals or group in developing and utilizing their full capabilities so that they are in harmony with the needs of their families and communities. As these goals may not always be realized by individuals through their efforts alone the state comes in to the picture and gradually begins to take over the responsibility for the free and full development of human personality . In short , social welfare aims at the well being of people and help to ameliorate human life –cultural , economic ,social and psychological.

Principles of Labour Welfare

Employee welfare is not a substitute for low wages and other allowances nor can it be used as an argument against the earnings of workers. A failure to understand this basic principle will only make labour welfare measures un popular.

  • The cardinal principle of employee welfare program is to ensure that it serves the real needs of workers concerned. Special classes of workers require special types of welfare services, proper assessment of needs of workers and determination of priorities, there of must be done.
  • Workers should be asked to participate in the formulation and administration of welfare programs. This is necessary because the programs are meant for them and their participation ensures that the welfare measures correspond to their needs. It also removes the suspiciousness of workers and the stigma of paternalism.
  • Workers should be free to use or not to use the facilities and amenities provide.

Objectives of Employee Welfare

The primary objective of the study is employee welfare measures in Safecare Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. , Cochin Special Economic Zone, Kakkanad, Cochin.

Secondary objectives:

  • To study the level of awareness of employees on them various welfare provided by the SAFECARE.
  • To analyze the level of satisfaction of employees with regard to welfare measure provide by the SAFECARE.
  • To ascertain the needs and expectations of the employees towards the various schemes offered by the SAFECARE.
  • To suggest improvement any of existing welfare schemes grow SAFECARE.
  • To analyze the work environment of the employees.
  • To develop the work environment of the employees
  • To develop efficiency and productivity among workers.
  • To make recruitment more effectively.
  • To earn goodwill and enhance public image.

The present chapter will explain in detail the major inferences generated out of the information collected from respondents and other data sources.


67. 5% of workers like team works. Only 7. 5% of the workers like individual work. And 25% of the workers are interested to work both as individual and team work. But majority workers like team work. .


  • Age wise distribution reveals that majority of the labourers are in the age group of 20-25
  • It was found that the company has both male and female workers equally.
  • Maximum number of labourers are satisfied with the work schedule. Majority of the workers are of the opinion that they are satisfied with the medical and first aid facility.
  • It was found that majority of the respondents are not satisfied with the present wage scale.
  • Majority of the labourers are not satisfied with the health and safety measures provided by the company.
  • Majority of the workers are of the opinion that they are provided with good rest room facility.
  • It was found that majority of the labourers are satisfied with the incentives and other benefits offered to them.
  • Most of them are partially satisfied about overtime allowance given by the company.


  • Overtime allowance should be made more attractive to attract new younger talent into organization.
  • Since the laboures seem to prefer team work, if the work could be made more team oriented, it increases the motivation level of labourers and thus the productivity can be increased.
  • Canteen facility does not provide the North Indian labourers needs in satisfactory manner. So the organization should include North Indian dishes in the menu.
  • More awareness programs regarding the quality of work life should be conducted.
  • Quality circle should be established to improve the productivity and standard of work life of labourers. Better transportation facility should be made available to the employees.
  • Maintain good relationship between management authorities and employees.
  • Periodical health testing for employees should be conducted.


The study is conducted among the labourers of Safe care Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. to study various welfare activities conducted at the company. From the study it has been understood that some workers are satisfied with some factors like wage offered, incentives provided ,medical and first aid facilities provided etc.

The company needs to improve on various other factors that include the canteen facility, awareness programs regarding quality of work life in order to ensure that there is satisfaction among the labourers regarding the welfare scheme offered. From the study, it was found that the employees are generally satisfied with their welfare measures. The recreational facilities provided by the company are very satisfactory. There is a well managed grievance procedure in the organization. The working of employees union is satisfactory. In short, welfare facility together contribute to better work thus making employees happy and cheerful looking.

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