Complexity On The Implementation Of KTSP

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In the class of history since 1945 ( Independence Year ) , the national course of study of Indonesia had undergone changed into several times, viz. in 1947, 1952, 1964, 1968, 1975, 1984, 1994, 2004 and the latest course of study of KTSP 2006 ( best understood as School Based Currriculum ) , “ those amendments are logically effects of “ political issue, authorities system, societal cultural, economic, scientific discipline and engineering ” alterations in the life of province community ” ( Soekisno, 2007, parity. 1 ) . Therefore, the course of study as a set of educational programs should be developed dynamically in conformity with the demands and alterations that occur in society. All Indonesia ‘s national course of studies were designed based on the same foundation, viz. Pancasila ( Philosophical foundation of the Indonesian Republic ) and the 1945 fundamental law, the chief differences among those course of studies were merely on stressing of educational ends and attacks to recognize it.

Continuing to better the quality of instruction in order commensurate with others development states, Indonesian authorities has made assorted alterations, and continues to reexamine the execution of instruction in Indonesia. As known, the National Education Standards of Indonesia ( BSNP ) had regulated through Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 19 Year 2005 set eight contents of the Standards of Education, specifically Content Standard, Standard Process, Graduates Competency Standards, Educators Standards and Education Workforce, Infrastructure Standards, Management Standards, Financial Standards and Evaluation Standards.

Simultaneously through that Government Regulation No.19 twelvemonth 2005 affected to the way of Indonesian course of study development policies to implement its Content Standard ( SK ) and Graduate Competency Standard ( SKL ) where so being established through the Regulation of The Minister of National Education: Number 22, 23, 24 twelvemonth 2006. These three ordinances so farther elaborated to be “ KTSP ” ( School Based Curriculum ) which is built and developed by each educational unit or school in Indonesia.

Harmonizing to Azumardi Azra ( 2006 ) explained that the alterations in instruction in Indonesia means that there are two new paradigms emerged in instruction, switching the orientation of the policy where antecedently being centralized to deconcentrate, so national instruction is more orientated to the larning procedure instead than consequences. Decentralized system means to implement the new discovery of School-Based Curriculum where much known as KTSP in Indonesia.

KTSP which is so translated to be School-Based Curriculum ( SBC ) , this sort of course of study replaced its predecessor of Competence Based Curriculum ( KBK ) 2004. Mulyasa ( 2008 ) viewed about in every bend of the Ministry of Education will likely alter the course of study.

Its alteration of course of study had implicated and affected the national instruction system of Indonesia ; it had non merely affected the acquisition clime in the schoolroom, every bit good as the preparedness of the principal and capable instructors in attempt to understand and use the pattern. In add-on, Sutrisno & A ; Nuryanto ( 2008 ) viewed that the execution has non optimally pattern as a sequence of educational culprits who think KTSP differ with KBK. Meanwhile Suhadi ( 2006 ) argued in such of that premise due to a priory attitudes and psychological opposition against the alterations. Whereas the alterations heightening the operational pattern of course of study which are developed and implemented by each schools dwelling of their ain several ends, local content positions, educational calendar and course of study.

KTSP which was being mandated by Ministry of National Education Indonesia ( MoNE ) through The National Education Standard Institution ( BSNP ) means to reenforce the execution of its predecessor ( read: KBK ) , it implies that KTSP still put force per unit area on developing pupils competences, harmonizing to Fasli & A ; Bachruddin ( 2007 ) said that KTSP execution will non be undergoing through a public trial, because this course of study has been tested through KBK which was being applied by several schools in a pilot undertaking before the Born of KTSP. This is so a following-up toward course of study alteration in the context of regional liberty and decentalisation of instruction programmed by the authorities of Indonesia. The execution of this course of study is focused on three dimensions of pupil ‘s enrichment of cognition ( cognitive ) , attitude formation ( affectional ) and behaviour ( psychomotor ) .

On KTSP the school and instructor have an authorization to make up one’s mind the educational ends based on their ain schools position, in other words, teacher have responsibilities on: ( 1 ) concept and explicate the proper end, ( 2 ) choose and concept the right lesson stuff harmonizing to the demands, involvement and kids development stage, ( 3 ) utilizing assorted methods and learning media, ( 4 ) and build the plan and the right rating. A course of study should be made consistently and item, which will ease the instructor on its execution.

However, KTSP faces major challenges related to incorporate of local information, national, and international. Uniting these integratings may merely be solved by holding resources which are prepared in front of clip, non by the instructors who prepared immediately through a assortment of course of study development aid plans. More unsafe if the schools finally merely offered darnel or follow the guidelines were offered by National Education Standard ( BSNP ) . If so, SBC will make the instant schools, stunted creativeness while it ‘s really contrary to the authorization of the KTSP.

Some of the grounds behind the demands for this research include ( 1 ) KTSP execution demands to be evaluated at the same time through qualitatively and quantitatively, and ( 2 ) the consequences of that rating can be made as the basic information for all policy determinations relate to educational elements in Riau Province particularly at Indragiri Hilir Regency.

Research Problem

However, holding launched on 2006, there were many issues discussed by experts and parties whose responsible for instruction, peculiarly in the execution of School Based Curriculum ( KTSP ) which has unequal human resources whose capable to construe even lucubrate it into the pattern of educational unit, rawness of the back uping installations of its execution, the instructors do non understand KTSP as a whole, both in footings of construct and its execution in schools and even still busy utilizing the old theory in the procedure of instruction and acquisition in schoolroom.

In conformity with the principal of KTSP, all degrees and types of instruction in Indonesia must develop their ain course of study based on their possible countries and pupils. This is supported by Minister of National Education Regulation No. 22 of 2006 on the Content Standards, every bit good as Minister of National Education Regulation No. 23 of 2006 on Graduates Competency Standards ( SKL ) , these ordinances mandate to the schools in order being required to fix their ain course of study. However, this policy is non accompanied by instructors ‘ preparedness even understanding, these generate the confusion among them while using the KTSP.

As informed by Curriculum Center 2010, the monitoring noticed about the execution of KTSP has been conducted largely in big countries, although bulk of them still following from bing theoretical account of course of study. Hopefully, with proficient aids that undertaken by assorted parties affect to the success of its development and assisting their apprehension on the construct and doctrine, and so promote them to develop based on their several conditions.

There are ever the assorted obstructions occurred during recognizing the authorization of schools and its KTSP, at the first, deficiency of ability is the chief concept, by making the development of staffs ‘ capablenesss while supplying proficient aid to peculiar parts could take them to larn by making. The instability of support for the airing and socialisation of KTSP causes Curriculum Center besides experienced significant cost-cutting steps, it impacts the perfect planning that has been ab initio organized became badly hampered in its execution and besides make the distrusting between local to Curriculum Center. But the best spirit of country in welcoming this new course of study to be extremely efficacious drug for the Curriculum Center to make the best in conformity with the appropriate quality demands, potencies and regional specialnesss.

The Implementation of a new course of study would potentially neglect if it was be imprudent to see the strength of human resources. As stated by Francis Hunkins ( 2004 ) argued that “ one ground may fail a new course of study is that execution has non been considered critical in course of study development, farther asserted that often new and advanced plans are blunted at schoolroom doors ” ( p. 298 ) . So, a new course of study that is scientifically good may non needfully be implemented or will be blunt its scientific in the schoolroom pattern.

Therefore, any jobs arise due to the execution of KTSP supposed to consist more serious concern of Indonesian Government, particularly Indonesian Ministry of National Education. Thingss that must be considered such as the followers:

Bettering instructor ‘s quality and understanding toward relevant constructs of KTSP execution.

Supplying such of installations and substructure that can back up the successful of KTSP execution.

Simultaneously aid every educational unit in developing KTSP.

Measuring its procedure at provincial degree to local territory and parts.

Whatever the responses from the refering person/social in respect to the execution of KTSP, school and instructor are the cardinal to implement this school based course of study, they themselves are potentially to get the better of any failings occur, if non it will be in vain.

As suggested by Nana ( 2001 ) no affair on how good the course of study is, but the consequences are extremely dependent on what is being done by instructors and students in the schoolroom. It means the success of instruction through course of study reformation will finally be determined by instructor as an executor of the course of study, and school as a acquisition supplier.

Research Aims

This survey aims to see how the execution of School-Based Curriculum ( Initialized as KTSP ) in Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools every bit good as Madrasah at Riau state Indonesia, specifically it will be conducted in one portion of Riau Province viz. Indragiri Hilir Regency. Particularly the aim of this survey is to measure the position of KTSP execution in dimensions of context, input, procedure and merchandise.

To calculate out the extent to which KTSP has been being implementing in High Schools and Madrasah

To look into the complexnesss of its execution during 4 old ages running

To happen out the back uping installations served by national and local authorities in its execution

Overall intent of this survey is to see the execution of the KTSP in footings of context, input, procedure and merchandise.

Significance of the Study

The consequence of this survey will obtain some of the practical benefits as follows:

The policy recommendations to Indonesian Ministry of Education ( particularly for Indragiri Hilir Ministry of Education ) based on the aims data that will be resulted at the terminal of the survey.

Information to the populace ( stakeholder and parents )

For basic development of relevant course of study stuffs conformity with local potencies and instructor competence criterion.

As mention to the theoretical footing for the development of KTSP paradigm based on schools possible demands on regard to its planning, execution, and rating.

Research Questions

In overall aims, this survey will explicate the research inquiries based on the rating theoretical account of course of study developed by Stufflebeam ( 1972 ) ; those are Context, Input, Process and Product. Thus the research inquiries are formulated as the followers:

Dimension of Context

How make the English instructors at Indragiri Hilir Regency develop their ain course of study based on schools ‘ desires, pupil ‘s demands and local demands?

How do they implement and incorporate all facets of KTSP to their lesson program and instruction?

Dimension of Input

How the full of KTSP certification ( Lesson Plan, instructors, course of study development stuff, back uping installations, substructure and media ) have been held wholly in every Junior High School, Senior High Schools and Madrasah at Indragiri Hilir Regency Riau?

How does the Indragiri Hilir Education Ministry assists the schools to develop their instructors ‘ capableness in developing and implementing KTSP?

Dimension of Procedure

How is the execution of KTSP in Junior High School, Senior High Schools and Madrasah at Indragiri Hilir Regency Riau?

How do they ( Schools and instructors ) evaluate its execution?

Dimension of Merchandise

How are the consequences of KTSP execution?

How the consequence of KTSP execution to pupil ‘s competency in English ( Impact of instructors ‘ creativenesss in planing their ain course of study development )

Chapter II


Literature Review

As the latest course of study on 2006 which is derived from KBK ( CBC-Competence-Based Curriculum 2004 ) , KTSP becomes a new discovery in the history of Indonesian instruction course of study, which to come on its development to down-top attack. Contextually, KTSP develop by any groups or commissions of the instruction unit or school/madrasah those under coordination and supervising of the National Indonesian Education Ministry and Local Indonesian Education Ministry. It emphasizes on developing the ability to execute competencies and undertakings with specific criterions, so the consequences affect the pupils on command of a set of specific cognition competences, and values used in many Fieldss of life. Indeed, KTSP is the course of study that reflects the cognition, accomplishments and attitudes and besides refers to the construct of instruction in turning to better pupils ‘ potency optimally.

Furthermore, harmonizing to historical records, following the independency of the Republic of Indonesia, the Dutch linguistic communication was replaced by English as the first foreign linguistic communication, and has been recognized as such in Indonesia since 1955 ( Alisjabana, 1976 ; de Han, 2003 as cited in Mochtar Marhum, n.d. ) . Since the 1980s, English has been considered to be the most of import foreign linguistic communication in Indonesia. The authorities ‘s and community ‘s involvement in English has been turning since the early 1990s ( Alwasilah, 1997 ) . This place of English can be traced from authorities paperss on the consequences of Parliament ‘s meetings. In the GBHN ( The Guidelines of the State Policy ) 1983 and 1988, foreign linguistic communication policy was non incorporated. However, in the GBHN 1993, the policy on foreign linguistic communications, peculiarly English, was clearly stipulated. The policy related to the usage and command of English. In 1988, Government Regulation No. 55, 56 and 57/1988 altering Government Regulation No. 28, 29/990 was introduced. It confirmed the usage of English in schools. Furthermore, Government Regulation of No 57/1957/1988 confirmed the usage of English as a foreign linguistic communication and as a agency of communicating in the university. Subsequently, it was incorporated into Government Regulation No 60/1999 on the usage of English in all higher instruction. Alwasilah ( 1997 ) suggested that “ the demand for command of English in the globalisation epoch was perfectly necessary. In add-on, it would be ideal if the command of English became the command of 2nd linguistic communication ” ( p. 89 ) . Yet, the unique of this KTSP hopefully bring the new instruction theoretical account to the success of Indonesian instruction.

The development of a KTSP is a new phenomenon for the school community in Indonesia, accordingly, in the early phase of its execution some obstructions were found in a figure of schools. The freedom of schools to make their ain course of study which is relevant with the demands of pupils can non be to the full implemented ( Harry & A ; Burhanudin, 2008 ) . The general theoretical account of it which is being developed as a theoretical account and to the full adopted by a figure of schools has tended to do a similar course of study among schools as to what was being implemented in the centralistic epoch. The alteration in the function of schools from course of study implementer to curriculum developer has made the school community confused. The capacity of school community to analyse the conditions and demands of the pupils and implement them in school course of study demands to be farther improved. Therefore, school aid through professional development plans provided for the caput instructors and instructors in the context of this sort of school based course of study is still considered of import for several old ages to come. In line with the school aid, capacity edifice of the educational direction in independent parts ( regency/municipality ) pull offing the course of study development still remains to be completed

A figure of surveies have been carried out to look into its ‘ execution, in a old survey conducted on 2008 where located in Jambi state of Indonesia revealed ( Sutrisno & A ; Nuryanto, 2008 ) that “ KTSP to all degrees ( Elementary Schools, Junior and Senior High Schools ) holding less applicable in term of ( a ) KTSP developmental readying, ( B ) course of study development, ( degree Celsius ) instructors ‘ ego development, ( vitamin D ) integrated acquisition, ( vitamin E ) local content development, ( degree Fahrenheit ) outcomes assessment, and ( g ) study procedure ” ( p. 27 ) .

As such the issue above, execution in this context leads to the true preparedness of Jambi state in expecting of alterations toward educational paradigm from a antecedently centralized to deconcentrate. For illustration, KTSP which was launched on the late 2006 more accent on school liberty through developing their ain course of study harmonizing to local demands and wisdoms, means Indonesian course of study is no longer centralized nationally and it is mandated on Indonesian Regulation No. 22 legislated in 1999 by the democracy of Indonesia ( R.I ) . Sing local authorities, decentalisation implies that the authorization to implement and pull off instruction shall be transferred from the national authorities to local territories or municipal authorities degrees. At this point Sutrisno & A ; Nuryanto ( 1998 ) besides asserted that the instructors ‘ regulations as facilitator in KTSP elements have non been working as the schools and commissions ‘ outlooks.

Furthermore, on different angle reported as the followers:

The existent status shows that the paradigm displacement is non needfully accompanied by better consequence. A figure of jobs still progress in Jambi while on degree of states, metropoliss and states. First, non all sectors which are directed to educational policy have human resources competent to explicate the proficient policy and its execution. Second, the progressively of dominant political intercession in finding of policy and execution, contextually in line with the tendency of liberty, bureaucratic concatenation is really closely possible to holding dominantly power to instruction. ( Sutrisno & A ; Nuryanto, 1998 p. 24 ) .

In a sense, it is of import to see the statement rose on where the KTSP developed, Endo viewed from this position that KTSP is similar to the construct of School-Based Curriculum Development ( SBCD ) in Australia which had begun to put on the mid-1970s, the discourse was in kernel of giving more freedom in finding the course of study by the schools members ( Endo, 1997 ) . SBCD has several features that are by and large similar to SBC development in Indonesia, proved on through the engagement of instructors, engagement of the whole or portion of school staffs ; scope of activities including choice ( pick of a figure of alternate course of study ) , version ( alteration of bing course of study ) , and creative activity ( planing a new course of study ) ; duties transformation from centralist to decentralist ( non ending of duties ) and a continuance procedure among the community and stake-holders ( to help instructors and schools ) .

Other surveies have indicated, nevertheless, Indonesian KTSP is non derived from SBCD in Australia, such on this statement Wachyu ( 2009 ) argued KTSP is holding the derived functions factors from SBCD in Australia, KTSP is an incorporate course of study uniting between the Top-Down and Bottom-Up attack that was being confirmed in USPN ( Legislation of Indonesian National Education Standard ) on chapter Ten, article 36 and 37, USPN revealed that Indonesian course of study development is based on National Education Standard ( SNP ) and considerately pay attending on scholars possible diversenesss, schools diversenesss and local demands. In Chapter 38 besides states that the construction and model of the course of study of primary and secondary schools are determined by the authorities. Therefore, KTSP divided into nucleus ( topics are tested nationally ) and local topics that are developed by each educational unit based on the appraisal of its possible, including the content to develop scholar ‘s personality and potency based on his involvement in the signifier of extra-curricular activities.

While SBCD in Australia tend to use bottom-up attack, the full procedure and the phases of course of study based on the possible school. As confirmed by Skillbeck ( 1991 ) that “ School based course of study is a procedure when some or all members of a school take portion on planning, execution, and rating on the facets or elements of the course of study ” ( Sklill beck, 1991, as cited in Wachyu, 2009, p. 2 ) .

Decentralized course of study ; such of planing, implementing and commanding ( rating and betterment ) carried out through locally by each educational unit, instructors who design its course of study working together with experts, schools committee/madrasah and others portion of society. KTSP development could include all constituents of the course of study or some merely, alternatively of digest can be done by a group or all instructors with respect to the demands of each school in conformity with the conditions in each educational unit or its encompassing communities. KTSP will be more meaningful because of the different state of affairss in a certain local status that lead to the fulfilment of demands, demands and local development. It will bring forth a assortment of design but more easy to understand, mastered and implemented by instructors due to their engagement in spread outing KTSP.

Particularly the centre of course of study by Indonesian Education Ministry ( 2007 ) has pointed out besides the advantages and its defects, the advantages are taking on ( 1 ) KTSP is conformity with the demands, conditions, and on diversenesss which every local communities have, car aid in developing society, ( 2 ) more easy to transport out due to the designs that have been prepared by instructors sing the local factors that truly back up to develop. Alternatively, it has besides several defects, ( 1 ) non all instructors have the expertness or accomplishments in course of study development so, non every local schools have the instructors or an expert that proficiently in developing such of it, ( 2 ) contently localized, the alumnus can be deficiency of ability to take part the national fight, ( 3 ) assorted designs that lead to the complexness of monitoring and measuring in term of national acquisition results, ( 4 ) reassigning pupils from certain schools to another schools can do troubles ( Center for the Development of Curriculum, 2007 ) .


Read phonetically

Recent studies have noted, researched by Wachyu Sundayana ( 2009 ) , a figure of 60 English instructors from junior and senior high schools spread of 24 regencies and metropoliss in West Java Indonesia were being selected, most instructors who participated in this survey had trained and socialized about KTSP. He organized the research inquiries on ( 1 ) How are English teacher ‘s understanding about KTSP, ( 2 ) How are their perceptual experiences on the development of KTSP, ( 3 ) What complexnesss were raising during implementing and developing its course of study. This survey showed the development of KTSP in every unit of instructions particularly junior high schools and MTs ( Madrasah ) in West Java are still non in line with the phases of development as suggested in the guidelines of BSNP ( Institution of National Education Standard ) .

Data aggregation showed most instructors ( 74 % ) know what KTSP was, but they were non clear to what map they have in pattern, implement and develop KTSP, for the same ground Faizah and Ismono studied for look intoing the preparedness of chemical science instructors ( Bangkalan territory of Madura ) , harmonizing to their determination that Chemistry instructors from five schools were non ready to use, the per centum merely reached on 60 % ( Faizah & A ; Ismono, 2008, as cited in Yuli Eko Siswono, n.d ) .

Simultaneously with the determination of Wachyu Sundayana survey, the complexnesss on its execution concluded as follows: ( 1 ) deficiency of back uping installations of the schools, ( 2 ) rawness of KTSP counsel that received by instructors, ( 3 ) KTSP guideline was non elaborate and clear, ( 4 ) instructors ‘ understanding on KTSP paperss. These informations are consistent with the determination of research conducted by Miftahul Jannah ( 2008 ) demoing about instructors ‘ abilities are low in developing course of study and lesson program, most of respondents ( 75 % ) stated about their inabilities in developing syllabus but merely copying and doubling the illustrations from BSNP without holding a preliminary probe throughout pupils potencies and schools demands. Most of questioning respondents admit to their complexnesss in doing a good course of study and lesson program lines with the pupils and schools demands. This fact showed that instructors holding a great pestilence to develop among the phase on SBC ( Miftahul Jannah, 2008, as cited in Wachyu Sundayana, 2009. p. 7 ) .

Sing Riau state, whole schools on current educational twelvemonth 2009/2010 are come oning to accommodate KTSP, such socialisation have ever done, it felt as complexness because the full procedure of being centralise to deconcentrate does n’t much understand by some instructors, mentioning to the map of instructors on KTSP, instructors are together with schools members to develop KTSP based on pupils ‘ possible and local demands ( UUD No. 20 twelvemonth 2003/article 37 ) .

In fact, it is of extreme importance to analyze what we could larn from anterior and present attempts to convey about the schemes that are presently progressed by BSNP to assist every educational unit in developing its course of study.

Harianti ( 2008 ) explained although the authorization of national course of study development has changed. It is non doing a sense for course of study centre to lose their occupations, the undertaking alteration increasingly to help schools to fix their ain several course of study. Furthermore, she points out the occupation duty is non seem to be easy, today, there are a big figure of schools in Indonesia contains 43.461 ( simple schools ) , 12.731 ( junior high schools ) , 4.499 ( senior high school ) and 2.655 ( vocational high schools ) , yet, non including Early Childhood instruction, Extraordinary Schools and Madrasah. It does non let for course of study centre helps one by one, there should be a scheme so schools can develop their ain course of study ( parity. 2 ) . The outlook is that they can develop a course of study, going true anchor in bettering local human resources through instruction in national or even in international fight.

Empowerment the schools and community in developing KTSP done through a proficient aid, both at the provincial degree every bit good as at the degree of district/city, at the provincial degree expected to show a TPK ( Curriculum Development Team ) whose duty to supply the information and give aids on the development of KTSP to TPK at the degree territory. Authorization at the provincial degree such as Riau is concentrated in the country of course of study development till the squads executing rating and supervising its execution based on their ain several parts, beside at the territory degree is concentrated on the ability of the squad to execute in school course of study development aid.

KTSP where normally known as school based course of study gone to be discussed for a long, the wide survey of Marsh Collin ( 1990 ) on their concluding determination of School based course of study development had suggested through bomber of ‘specifics SBCD issues ‘ : “ The cardinal histrions involved in political determinations about schooling in their several states tend to utilize several footings to depict or advance their attempts. Such term include ‘quality of schooling ‘ , ‘school-improvement ‘ , ‘school-focused betterment ‘ , self-managing school ‘ , and many others. Be that as it may, there are a figure of interesting issues about SBCD and ( its equivalent word ) which are presently of considerable involvement and are likely to stay so in the immediate hereafter ” . They include:

The function of parents and pupils in determination devising

Fiscal direction by schools

Professional development for instructors

Teacher assessment

School rating

Pressure of fastening cardinal control

( As cited in Marsh Colin,, 1990, pp. 206-207 )

There are ever the assorted obstructions occurred in recognizing the authorization of schools and its KTSP, at the first, deficiency of ability is the chief concept, by making the development of staffs ‘ capablenesss while supplying proficient aid to peculiar parts could take them to larn by making. The instability of support for the airing and socialisation of KTSP causes Curriculum Center besides experienced significant cost-cutting steps, it impacts the perfect planning that has been ab initio organized became badly hampered in its execution and besides make the distrusting between local to Curriculum Center. But the best spirit of country in welcoming this new course of study to be extremely efficacious drug for the Curriculum Center to make the best in conformity with the appropriate quality demands, potencies and regional specialnesss.

As informed by Curriculum Center ( 2010 ) , the monitoring noticed about the execution of KTSP has been conducted largely in big countries, although bulk of them still following from bing theoretical account of course of study. Hopefully, with proficient aids that undertaken by assorted parties affect to the success of its development and assisting their apprehension on the construct and doctrine, and so promote them to develop based on their several conditions.

Furthermore, the Curriculum centre toward its official web site released about the singularity of KTSP execution in term of schools needs diversenesss, Although the two junior high schools are located in the next vicinity but it was really much different students conditions. The A school whose current scholars come from upper and in-between category of socio-economic with holding high academic accomplishment, all of them want to go on on to university. On the other manus, the B school whose bulks of scholars come from disadvantaged of socio-economic, program to graduate shortly and gaining money is a primary end of schooling. Both of these two schools will develop a really different course of study. School A will concentrate on surveies with higher order believing that enables scholars to hold high academic thought in taking them to go on university. While school B will enrich the topics with several activities that cultivate the accomplishments to work so that scholars feel a sense of great good accomplishments after graduating from school B.

There a batch of research workers have investigated about KTSP. Specifically on its execution, based on the reviewing above some research workers had focused on the effectivity on its rating based on the existent phenomenon which occurred in the existent state of affairs of the schools, the author although can non happen the manner of their probe by utilizing several methods of course of study rating theoretical accounts, where known on several surveies like Glatthorn Allan, Floyd & A ; Bruce ( 2006 ) studied in their books that course of study rating should be concerned with measuring the value of a plan surveies, a field of surveies, and a class of survey, moreover, they argued of all these three degrees of course of study work are of import. Hereafter, the rating theoretical accounts of course of study as best known practical such as: Tyler ‘s Objectives-Centered Model, Stufflebeam ‘s Context-Input-Process-Product Model, Scriven ‘s Goal-Free Model, Stake ‘s Responsive Model and Eisner ‘s Connoisseurship Model ( Glatthorn Allan, Floyd & A ; Bruce, 2006 pp. 302-306 ) .

For farther survey, the author will concentrate on the rating theoretical account that developed by Stufflebeam ‘s on Context-Input-Process-Product Model 1971. The context-input-process-product ( abbreviated as CIPP ) theoretical account, has several attractive characteristics, those are: its accent on determination devising seems appropriate for decision makers concerned with bettering course of study, its concern for the formative rating redresss. However CIPP theoretical account has some drawbacks associated, its chief failings seems to be its failure to acknowledge the complexness of the determination doing procedure in organisations. It assumes more reason than exists in such state of affairss and ignores the political factors that play a big portion in these determinations ( Glatthorn Allan, Floyd and Bruce, 2006 ) .

Definition of the Footings

Several operational definitions used by the research worker to carry on and concentrate on this survey are as follows:

Course of study

“ The original derivation of the word course of study is from the Latin verb currere, “ to run ” ; course of study, a bantam signifier, came to intend a “ racing chariot ” or “ race path ” ( David Pratt, 1994, p. 5 ) .

Curriculum besides can be defined as normative, descriptive, or both. Ellis survey explained “ Prescriptive definitions provide us with what ‘ought ‘ to go on, and they more frequently than non to take the signifier of program, an intended plan, or some sort of adept sentiment about what needs to take topographic point in the class of survey ” ( as cited in Allan, Floyd & A ; Bruce 2006, pp. 3-5 ) .

While harmonizing to the Indonesian Institution of National Education Standards ( 2006 ) stated that course of study is “ a set of programs and regulations about the ends, content, learning stuffs, and the methods used to steer the execution of instructional activities on accomplishing certain educational ends, its certain ends include the national instruction ends in conformity with the local potency demands, instruction unit and scholars ” ( p. 5 ) .

Another term that could be used to specify the descriptive course of study is experience. The experience course of study provides “ glances ” of the course of study in action ( Allan, Floyd & A ; Bruce 2006, p. 5 ) . Alan through his book had besides compiled several illustrations of descriptive definitions of course of study from assorted experts, as listed on the followers:

All the experiences kids have under the counsel of instructors ( Hollis Caswell & A ; Doak Campbell, 1935 )

Those larning each kid selects, accepts, and incorporates into himself to move with, on, and upon, in subsequent experiences ( Thomas Hopkins, 1941 )

All experiences of the kid for which the schools accepts duty ( W.B. Ragan, 1960 )

The set of existent experiences and perceptual experiences of the experiences that each person scholar has of his or her plan of instruction ( Glenn Hass, 1987 )

The Reconstruction of cognition and experience that enables the scholar to turn in exerting intelligent control of subsequent cognition and experience ( Daniel Tanner & A ; Laurel Tanner, 1995 ) .

( as cited in Allan, Floyd & A ; Bruce 2006, P. 5 )

Allan, Floyd & A ; Bruce ( 2006 ) delivered his best definition as the course of study is the programs made for steering acquisition in the schools, normally represented in retrievable paperss of several degrees of generalization, and the realization of those programs in the schoolroom, as experienced by the scholars and as recorded by an perceiver ; those experiences take topographic point in a acquisition environment that besides influences what is learned.

For the intent of this survey, course of study is operationally referred as the course of study which is mandated by Indonesian Ministry of Education ( MoNE ) viz. “ Kurikulum Satuan Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan ( KTSP ) ” or best initialized as School Based Curriculum.

KTSP or School Based Curriculum

Since 2006, when Law Number 20 Year 2003 on the National Education System was implemented, the centralised course of study is bit by bit being changed by the school base course of study which is decentralized to the school degree. In the old course of study, the aims, contents, larning methods, and appraisal techniques of the learning appraisal were determined by the Ministry of National Education. In the new strategy of course of study development, the cardinal authorities, which extends to the Board of National Standard of Education, determines the standard competences for the alumnuss from each school degree, the criterion of course of study content, and guidelines for developing the this course of study based on its rights. In conformity with the national criterion and its guidelines, the school community, under the supervising of the local authorities, designs the course of study for its ain schools. The school based course of study consists of several constituents: vision, mission, and aims of school instruction, construction and content of course of study, calendar of instruction, and digest of course of study and lesson programs for each class. This course of study development scheme will vouch that the course of study is relevant with the demands and conditions of the pupils. In add-on, the sense of belonging to a school community in the course of study may ensue in optimal execution of the course of study.

The execution of school based course of study gives more freedom to schools and school commissions to develop the school course of study, analyze the internal and external school environment, and find the vision, mission, and aims of instruction initiated by the schools. Then, mentioning to national criterions, each school develops its ain course of study through suiting the minimal contents of the course of study determined nationally every bit good as local contents considered of import for the pupils. The local contents are determined by the school community to develop competences of the pupils based on the local resources and specific mission of the schools.

In cooperation with the local authorities, the schools determine the calendar of school instruction. In add-on, groups of instructors under the coordination of caput instructors and school commissions prepare the course of study of classs dwelling of constituents for the targeted competences, content of classs, larning experience of pupils, needed instruction stuffs, and the appraisal techniques to be implemented. In order to fix the execution of the course of study at the schoolroom degree, the instructors prepare the lesson program covering the aims of larning to be achieved in one acquisition episode, a acquisition scenario, learning stuffs, and appraisal tools to be applied.

Curriculum Implementation

Teacher who implements the KTSP course of study should hold assortment resources, methodological analysiss and knows what values bound the pupils. Of class it will necessitate extra-attention of the instructor. Some untrained instructors will cover with jobs, peculiarly in presenting the course of study content to the pupils because a successful invention execution such as curriculum execution needs responsible competences. As what Richard states that instructors are a cardinal factor in the successful execution of course of study alterations and inadequately trained instructors may non be able to do effectual usage of learning stuffs non count how good they are designed ( Richard, 2001, p. 99 ) .

The Stufflebeam ‘s CIPP theoretical account for Curriculum Evaluation

CIPP is an acronym for ( Context, Input, Process and Product ) that was developed by Daniel Stufflebeam in 1971 ; it began when he and his co-workers were in the sixtiess experienced on measuring instruction undertaking for the Ohio Public Schools District ( B. Robinson, 2002 ) . In this attack, information is seen as most valuable when it helps plan directors to do better determinations, so evaluation activities should be planned to organize with the determination demands of plan staff. Data aggregation and coverage are so undertaken in order to advance more effectual plan direction.

There are many different definitions of rating, but one which reflects the CIPP attack is “ Program rating is the systematic aggregation of information about the activities, features, and result of plan for usage by specific people to cut down uncertainnesss, better effectivity, and do determinations with respect to what those plans are making and impacting ” ( Patton, 1986, p. 14 as cited in B. Robinson, 2002, p. 1 ) .

Daniel Stufflebeam was besides a chaired of Phi Delta Kappa Committee that his theoretical account seemed to appeal on the importance of bring forthing appraising informations for determination devising that leads up to the justification for rating of course of study. Sing to the demands of determination shapers about course of study, Stufflebeam theoretical accounts provides a agency for bring forthing informations associating to four phases of plan operation: context rating, which continuously assesses demands and jobs in the context in order to assist determination shapers determine ends and aims ; input rating, which assesses alternate agencies for accomplishing those ends to assist determination shapers choose optimum agencies ; procedure rating, which monitors the procedures both to guarantee that the agencies are really being implemented and to do the necessary alterations ; and merchandise rating, which compares existent terminals with intended terminals and leads to a series of recycling determinations ( as cited in Allan, Floyd and Bruce, 2006 by Glatthorn, 1987, pp. 273-274 ) .

During each of these four schemes, particulars stairss are taken:

The sorts of determinations are identified

The sorts of informations needed to do those determinations are identified

Those informations are collected

The standards for finding quality are established

The informations are analyzed on the footing of those standards

The needed information is provided to determination shapers

( As cited in Allan, Floyd and Bruce, 2006 by Glatthorn, 1987 )

Stufflebeam ( 1971 ) explained that “ CIPP theoretical account was originally developed as a agency to consistently supply seasonably appraising information for usage in decision-making ” ( p. 2 ) . Further, he thought that rating should be a procedure of delineating, obtaining and supplying utile information to decision-makers, with the overall end of plan or undertaking betterment.

The four facets of CIPP rating ( context, input, procedure and merchandise ) assist a decision-maker to reply four basic inquiries:

What should we make?

This involves roll uping and analysing demands assessment informations to find ends, precedences and aims. For illustration, a context rating of a literacy plan might affect an analysis of the bing aims of the literacy plan, literacy achievement trial tonss, staff concerns ( general and peculiar ) , literacy policies and programs and community concerns, perceptual experiences or attitudes and demands.

How should we make it?

This involves the stairss and resources needed to run into the new ends and aims and might include placing successful external plans and stuffs every bit good as garnering information

Are we making it as planned?

This provides decision-makers with information about how good the plan is being implemented. By continuously supervising the plan, decision-makers learn such things as how good it is following the programs and guidelines, struggles originating, staff support and morale, strengths and failings of stuffs, bringing and budgeting jobs.

Did the plan work or win?

By mensurating the existent results and comparing them to the anticipated results, determination shapers are better able to make up one’s mind if the plan should be continued, modified, or dropped wholly. This is the kernel of merchandise rating.

Figure 1. The CIPP Model of Evaluation

Aspect of rating

Type of determination

Kind of inquiry



Planing determinations

What should we make

Input signal

Structuring determinations

How should we make it


Implementing determinations

Are we making it as planned? And if non, why non?


Recycling determinations

Make it work?

( Adopted in B. Robinson, 2002, p. 2 )

CIPP Critics on Evaluation

Besides holding several attractive characteristics such as: its accent on determination devising seems appropriate for decision makers concerned with bettering course of study, its concern for the formative rating redresss, However CIPP theoretical account has some drawbacks associated, its chief failings seems to be its failure to acknowledge the complexness of the determination doing procedure in organisations. It assumes more reason than exists in such state of affairss and ignores the political factors that play a big portion in these determinations ( As cited in Allan, Floyd and Bruce, 2006, p. 304 ) .

CIPP have said besides that it holds an idealised impression of what the procedure should be instead than its actuality and is excessively top-down or managerial in attack, depending on an ideal of rational direction instead than acknowledging its messy world. In pattern, the enlightening relationship between rating and decision-making has proved hard to accomplish and possibly does non take into history sufficiently the political relations of decision-making within and between organisations.

In this survey, based on my preliminary observation toward some researches done, there is no a point surveies used a CIPP theoretical account to measure the KTSP course of study particularly in Indragiri Hilir regency, this will be an interesting hereafter to look into how the full facet of decentalisation course of study such as KTSP is implementing at that place.

Chapter III


Research Design

This survey will research and construe the phenomenon of the nature on complexnesss of implementing KTSP course of study on the instruction of English as foreign linguistic communication. The research worker designs this survey as a instance survey, where it is an-in depth geographic expedition of a delimited system ( e.g. , an activity, event, procedure, or persons ) based on extended informations aggregation ( Creswell, 2008, p. 476 ) .

This survey will mention to the course of study execution based on the context of its rating technique determined in its Context, Input, Process and Product developed by Daniel Stufflebeam 1971.

Research Site

Three degrees of different schools will be selected in this survey ; they are junior high school, senior high school and Madrasah ( Islamic senior high school ) . For junior and senior high school will be once more selected each one of the celebrated school in the urban country of Indragiri Hilir Regency, so for Madrasah will be one of the Islamic senior high school in the capital of sub-district of Indragiri Hilir Regency.


Sampling procedure in a qualitative survey depends on the intent of the informations aggregation ( Johnson & A ; Christensen, 2000 ; Miles & A ; Hubermen, 1994 ) . This means that all samples selected are regarded as holding possible to lend to achieving the replies of the research inquiries, purposive sampling technique will utilize in this survey to look at events, people, and paperss as beginnings of grounds of the context, input, procedure, and merchandise of the KTSP execution.

Data Collection Technique

To cut down prejudice or restrictions of a specific method, this survey used a assortment of methods ( triangulation ) to garner informations from different beginnings ( Maxwell, 1996 ) .


Classroom Observation

Documentation and


Datas Analysis

Data analysis will carry on during the class of garnering farther informations. This is, besides salvaging clip, to avoid the accretion of natural informations collected ( Bogdan and Biklen 1992 ) , and to advance the outgrowth of substantial theory grounded in empirical informations ( Marshall & A ; Rossman, 1995 ) . The information will analyse such usage of the followers:

Field notes


Generating classs through cryptography

Data Interpretation

Ethical Issue

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