External link to Group Process

Group Process

  A large part of being a social worker is being able to see the strengths in any situation. This characteristic can be described as having a “half full” view on life. As a clinical social worker, it is important to cultivate strength-based skills. By now, your group should have developed a plan in completing the Group Wiki Project. In your Assignment, reflect on your […]

External link to Public Policy

Public Policy

Write a 750-1,000 word paper in which you review public policy and how it affects employment. Address the following scenarios:Scenario 1: Nurse Deb was due for her annual flu vaccination as mandated by her hospital’s policy. Nurse Deb is a big supporter of the antivaccination movement and refused to obtain her annual flu vaccination. Upon notice that nurse Deb did not obtain the vaccination, the […]

External link to Smarter Decision Making through Psychology

Smarter Decision Making through Psychology

Assignment 2: Case Study #2 Overview As you continue to practice the psychological concepts you’re learning in this course, you’re honing the problem solving and self and social awareness skills that will help you navigate social situations in your life and career. You’re discovering how to apply these skills to understand the behaviors of others, improve your relationships, and make informed decisions based on reliable […]

External link to SA5


I need a power point presentation of the article I have attached.   follow the instructions below . 1. 5-10 minute mini-lesson reiterating what the foundational question was addressed by the paper and then providing background context for the paper and summarizing the key question(s), methods, results, and conclusions. This should incorporate a PowerPoint presentation with the most pertinent (not necessarily all) information and figures…just […]

External link to Homework Help

Homework Help

Ethics are an important part of the field of psychology. Violating the ethical principles has a wide-reaching effect on an organization and those involved. View the APA website. Locate an article on the website regarding ethical issues. Sometimes students have trouble finding or picking an article.  You might try a search that includes some common ethical issues in the search terms.  For example: informed consent, confidentiality, […]

External link to Week 10

Week 10

Question 1: For this week discussion – read chapter 16 in the course text.  After reading chapter 16, In your own words, discuss at least three 3 steps for facilitating effective collaboration. Note: Your initial post will be your answer to the Question and is to be 250 – 300 words with at least two references. Initial post will be graded on length, content, grammar […]

External link to review the attached research article “Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Threats, Intruders and Attacks”

review the attached research article “Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Threats, Intruders and Attacks”

  For this assignment, review the attached research article “Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Threats, Intruders and Attacks” and evaluate it in 2 pages or less (700 words), using your own words, by addressing the following: What did the authors investigate, and in general how did they do so? Identify the hypothesis or question being tested Summarize the overall article. Identify the conclusions […]

External link to enterprise risk

enterprise risk

   Over the course of the past weeks, you were assigned to write a research paper about an ERM topic of your choice. The research paper development will consist of: (a) research paper topic (defining the topic of your research), (b) annotated bibliography (finding literature about the topic), (c) draft research paper (producing a draft paper based on the research topic) and (d) final research paper (improving on […]

External link to MGT 599 Module 4

MGT 599 Module 4

   Module 4 – Case STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION AND STRATEGIC CONTROLS Assignment Overview This final case involves an analysis of strategy implementation at Pepsico. You will use the resources you identified in the SLP to gather information about the company and relate that information to your work in the previous cases. Required Reading Refer to the required and optional readings related to strategy implementation and strategic […]

External link to Gay Marriages (Con)

Gay Marriages (Con)

Assignment 1.1: Conflicting Viewpoints Essay – Part I Prewriting Due Week 2 and worth 30 points When looking for information about a particular issue, how often do you try to resist biases toward your own point of view? This assignment asks you to engage in this aspect of critical thinking by playing the “Believing Game.” The Believing Game is about making the effort to “believe” […]

External link to Essay for 100 level History class

Essay for 100 level History class

final assignment is a 3-5 page response to either Frederick Douglass’s Narrative or the American Experience Episode “The Abolitionists” (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/abolitionists/).  In either case you should in a well-organized essay analyze the threat posed by the abolitionists to the Southern way of life and offer your take on how successfuleither Douglass as an individual or the abolitionists collectively were in their efforts.  Be sure to include […]

External link to For Madam-Professor (ONLY)

For Madam-Professor (ONLY)

Assignment 2: Applying Theories of Motivation to Situations Over the decades, numerous theories of motivation have been developed. Most of the older theories have been shown to not be particularly valid and, therefore, not good predictors of motivational force. More contemporary theories can explain the motivational force in particular situations well. Therefore, industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists must understand which theory best predicts/clarifies human motivation based on […]

External link to Assignment 4: High-level Overview Presentation

Assignment 4: High-level Overview Presentation

Look back at Assignments 1 through 3 and reflect on the work that you and your IT Security team did for LOTR. In these first three assignments, upper management and the Board of Directors for LOTR asked you to review and repair various access control issues. They have now asked that you create a presentation that will review all the changes that you have implemented […]

External link to Unit3Disc1


Unit3Disc1 Riverbend City: Human Services Policy Outcome You have viewed and considered the social change controversy in the Riverbend City: Human Services Policy Outcome multimedia presentation. Discuss your proposal for an acceptable policy outcome from a human services professional’s perspective. Your perspective may be different from the Riverbend City community members, but take into account who defined the problem, how the policy was developed, and […]

External link to Assignment 2: International Marketing Pla

Assignment 2: International Marketing Pla

You will use your chosen country (New Zealand) for this Assignment. In addition to the country, you will reference the shoe manufacturing firm (introduced in the Discussions) Identify two (2) forms of market segmentation for your shoes, and support your choices. Then, identify two (2) target markets for each segment, and explain those choices. Note: A market segment (generally) is the group(s) the firm wants […]

External link to Assignment 2: Market Forms

Assignment 2: Market Forms

  For this assignment you will do a significant portion of work in MS Excel and import it into an MS Word document for submission. You will use the data below to address Price and Output decisions faced by firms that are not in pure competition. Some numbers may be rounded. Table 1 (attached Below) Address the following: Complete Table-1. Summarize your calculations. Prepare a graph […]

External link to Assignment 4: Database Modeling and Normalization

Assignment 4: Database Modeling and Normalization

Imagine that you work for a consulting firm that offers information technology and database services. Part of its core services is to optimize and offer streamline solutions for efficiency. In this scenario, your firm has been awarded a contract to implement a new personnel system for a government agency. This government agency has requested an optimized data repository for its system which will enable the […]

External link to 2 responses To classmates discussions

2 responses To classmates discussions

1st person   How do race, ethnicity, and gender of a leader influence the exercise of leadership? “The image of a leader as the tall, White, charismatic leader operating from a command and control position of power is changing, leaders in the United States today still mirror our dominant majority” (Chin & Trimble, 2015, p. 53).  Crenshaw (1989), who coined the term “intersectionality,” originally applied the […]

External link to discussion


  400 words    key term  to be used —Communication  Conduct an  Internet search to find and read 3 recent articles that relate to the term. Select the 1  article that you want to discuss. Submit a thread  that contains the following information in the following format, using the   headers so that you ensure that all aspects of the assignment are      completed as required. Failure […]

External link to Cultual interview paper

Cultual interview paper

 you should interview a person who grew up in another country (or lived there for an extended period of time – 10 years or more). The interview should focus on parenting, child care, and educational norms in that country compared to those in the United States.  FS 3523 – GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES: CARE & EDUCATION OF CHILDREN CULTURAL INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT For this assignment, you should interview […]

External link to Expanding Networks and Minimizing Connections

Expanding Networks and Minimizing Connections

  Research indicates that there are millions of people addicted to the Internet (p. 104). This addiction is similar to a shopping addiction, where more is considered better. People often compulsively collect friends. In your text, Vernon maintains that the Internet certainly brings more people into our lives, but it is best suited for sustaining friendships, rather than creating them. He writes: “Virtuality may feel […]

External link to Benchmark – Community Teaching Plan: Community Presentation week 5

Benchmark – Community Teaching Plan: Community Presentation week 5

  Note: This is an individual assignment. Based on the feedback offered by the provider, identify the best approach for teaching. Prepare a presentation to accompany the teaching plan and present the information to your community. Select one of the following options for delivery of the presentation: PowerPoint presentation – no more than 30 minutes Pamphlet presentation – 1 to 2 pages Poster presentation Appropriate […]

External link to week 12

week 12

Technology has already dramatically transformed health care, shaping both consumer and provider expectations. With advances in technology, however, have come new opportunities, limitations, and challenges. Technology can cut costs, improve patient outcomes, streamline workflow, and improve information accessibility. It can also be costly, require almost limitless ongoing training, and continually bring about new ethical dilemmas, including the need to assure the “human element” is not […]

External link to Healthcare Evaluation

Healthcare Evaluation

  Final Paper For your Final Paper, choose one of the following health care organizations: Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Tenet Health System Mayo Clinic Henry Ford Health System Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Children’s Miracle Network Deborah Heart and Lung Center Medtronic Veterans Health Administration (VHA) National Institutes of Health (NIH) Planned Parenthood Indian Health Service (IHS) Health Markets Conduct an evaluation of the […]

External link to Discussion


NEED 2 DISCUSSION  Please post at least one current event article or short video clip response each week.  Please post the link with a brief summary.  If you are summarizing a video, please post the title and summarize the main topic.  You may also share a link with a video you find elsewhere. Please Note: The articles should tie in with the unit of development.  […]

External link to Week 12 Discussion

Week 12 Discussion

Airline passengers today stand in numerous lines, are crowded into small seats on mostly full airplanes, and often spend time on taxiways because of air-traffic problems or lack of open gates. But what gripes travelers almost as much as these annoyances is finding out that the person sitting next to them paid a much lower fare than they did for their seat. This concept of Revenue […]



Write an essay of not more than 1,500 words (not including supporting data, diagrams etc) on one of the following topics.  1. Assess the consequences of out-sourcing and offshoring for growth, employment and skills in the industrialised economies. 2. Compare the theories of international business; which one offers the best explanation of horizontal FDI and why. Support your answer with suitable examples. 3. Outline the […]

External link to APA Paper

APA Paper

Research Method Final Project    THE BOOK IS: Gravetter, F. J., & Forzano, L. B. (2016). Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (6th ed.). Belmont, California: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning .   This is the concluding project of the Introduction to Research Methods course. You will choose two social science theories to compare and contrast through the thorough investigation of the existing body of literature. The social […]

External link to 512 Controller manufacturers

512 Controller manufacturers

 Company profile-KZ Lighting LTD Slogan: Innovation, Quality, Performance KZ Lighting Ltd is a professional manufacturer (factory), which produce Stage light, Moving head light, Beam light, LED PAR light, Laser light, DMX512 controller, follow spot light and other stage equipments. With financial and technical strength, research and development, production and sales of lighting products as the core, extensive involvement in lighting, stage lighting and other fields, […]

External link to module 1 public health

module 1 public health

  Assignment 3: Mobilizing for Action In this assignment, you will review the health objectives from the Healthy People 2020 (http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/default.aspx) program, choose one that applies to your community or municipality, conduct further research on how you can mobilize for action, and then prepare a paper to describe a plan of action for your community. Part 1: Research Review the health objectives in the topics […]

External link to Project Milestone One: Malpractice Case

Project Milestone One: Malpractice Case

     For this milestone, you will start working on the case for Final Project I: Malpractice. Below is is a link to the case you will investigate. This link is also provided in the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document.  Surgery: Iturralde v. Hilo Medical Center USA Prompt: In this milestone, you will complete part of your analysis of the malpractice case. Using this […]

External link to Discussion: Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism

Discussion: Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism

  What is plagiarism exactly? Is it always done on purpose? The rules related to plagiarism can be complex, and there are instances in which people who have unwittingly plagiarized have ended up in court. The concept of academic integrity includes the avoidance of plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, it helps to first recognize it. For this Discussion, you will review fictional scenarios that depict common […]

External link to Legal and Safety Responsibilities in Education

Legal and Safety Responsibilities in Education

  An important aspect of classroom management is keeping students safe. Student safety concerns include the use of technology and other classroom resources, maintaining students’ privacy, bullying, trauma, and child abuse. Teachers need to be aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities when it comes to protecting students in their classrooms. For this assignment, prepare a 10-12 slide digital presentation  for an upcoming professional development […]

External link to art essay

art essay

Assignment: Watch the PBS Video “Cases for Political Art” () and also click on the link to the NPR article about the controversy concerning the painting created by the student from Ferguson. READ the article AND listen to the brief commentary also provided on the same page (located at the top of the article – click on the blue button with the arrow to hear […]

External link to Asssignment – Part 2

Asssignment – Part 2

  How will you approach your studies? What types of resources are available to you, and how will you access and utilize them? Taking the opportunity to prepare these strategies, tools, and materials will help ensure you can “break ground” without incident and successfully move to the phase where you begin building your vision. To Prepare: Consider your goals for academic accomplishments while a student […]

External link to critical thinking ( not negotiating budget)

critical thinking ( not negotiating budget)

Do some research and answer the following critical thinking questions from this week’s readings. In your analysis, cite a minimum of three (3) references from different sources (the textbook can be one source). Analyze the four key elements of emotional intelligence and how they apply to you as a manager or a student. Are there any elements you need to develop or improve? If so, […]

External link to Week2


Imagine you are the security manager for a startup company and they have asked you to create a budget for the security department. The company will be a 200,000 square foot warehouse that stores electronics. There will be 10 loading doors, 10 offices for staff, and a shipping and receiving department. The warehouse has 5 entry and exit doors aside from the dock doors. The parking […]

External link to I need this tomorrow….. Please

I need this tomorrow….. Please

                     Discussion Board  “ Pitching your Business Idea                      The objectives of this discussion are to help you: -Apply the legal knowledge you’ve gained this month to a real world situation.  -Evaluate the characteristics, benefits and drawbacks of different kinds of legal structures in light of conducting a particular business.  -Identify an appropriate legal structure to accomplish your business objectives. -Understand how the legal structure may impact […]

External link to Powerpoint


The purpose of this assignment is to create a presentation that synthesizes and analyzes research conducted on the team’s selected company to determine optimal strategic alternatives. Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation that highlights the research and analysis you have conducted throughout this course, both as an individual and in the CLC, regarding how your selected company’s external and internal environments influence or affect its […]

External link to International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management

Assignment Question  An organization was established 3 years ago and has earned an outstanding reputation throughout Singapore. It is planning to send a team of 5 senior level executives to an overseas assignment in their newly established offshore subsidiary for a period of one year to handle different aspects (roles) of an important project that requires strong team spirit and creative mind.  You are the […]

External link to Composition Case3

Composition Case3

   No Outside References except for sources provide: References: Clinton, C., & Steyer, J. (2012). Is the Internet hurting children? CNN. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/21/opinion/clinton-steyer-internet-kids/ Little boys learn a lot from watching ‘Star Wars,’ and it isn’t all good. (n.d.). Upworthy. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from http://www.upworthy.com/little-boys-learn-a-lot-from-watching-star-wars-and-it-isnt-all-good Rowan, C. (2013, May 29). The impact of technology on the developing child. The Huffington Post. […]

External link to critical thinking ( not negotiating budget)

critical thinking ( not negotiating budget)

Manager and Leader Do some research and answer the following critical thinking questions from this week’s readings. In your analysis, cite a minimum of three (3) references from different sources (the textbook can be one source). Explain the difference between someone who “manages” and someone who “leads.” Think of someone who you consider to be an effective leader. Now, explain why you consider him or […]

External link to Health Care Management

Health Care Management

Prevailing wisdom reinforces the fact that working in U.S. health care administration in the 21st Century requires knowledge of the various aspects of health laws as they apply to dealing with medical professionals. Further, because U.S. health care administrators have to potentially interact with many levels of professionals beyond the medical profession, it is prudent that they are aware of any federal, state, and local […]

External link to Prof Eliud

Prof Eliud

  Select someone in a leadership position at your organization or at a local company where you might seek employment. This individual could be a director, manager, supervisor, or CEO of the organization.  Write a 1,050 word profile of the individual that you interviewed for your company’s newsletter, and include the following: Identify the individual and their position within the company, and briefly describe the […]

External link to Research- methodology, design, and methods

Research- methodology, design, and methods

Research design refers to the specific type of study that you will conduct. Research design is normally consistent with one’s philosophical worldview and the methodological approach the researcher chooses. In this case, you are using a quantitative methodology. Quantitative research designs can be experimental and non-experimental. You will be using a non-experimental design that can include descriptive statistics, correlational or causal-comparative research methods. Research methods refer to […]



  Each team will post a 5–10 minute Video Presentation or a PowerPoint with Voice Narration here on any key learnings from the Week 4 written assignment. Basically, each team member will provide their learning takeaways from last week’s team paper and the presentation will share each team member’s learning takeaway. This is similar to what your team did for week 3.  In this discussion, […]

External link to Compensation Plan Outline

Compensation Plan Outline

   Assignment 2: Compensation Plan Outline  Due Week 8 and worth 300 points Using the same company you researched in Assignment 1 (Assignment 1 attached), evaluate the company’s compensation plan to determine how it could be improved. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Evaluate the existing compensation plan to determine if it is the most appropriate for your company. […]

External link to class discussion forum

class discussion forum

Re: Topic 3 DQ 2 Health promotion involves educating people about healthy lifestyles, reduction of risk, developmental needs, activities of daily living and preventive self-care that enables them to improve their health by making positive decisions (Falkner, 2018). There are three different levels of health promotion. These include primary prevention which occurs before the onset of illness or injury and may involve preventative treatments such […]

External link to Psy 4600 number one

Psy 4600 number one

Preparation Variables Throughout this course, you will work on developing a research project utilizing data from the GSS Data Explorer website, which contains archival data. Archival data is preexisting data that has been collected by another individual or organization, and is available to be analyzed enabling us to draw new conclusions about the data. In Assessment 2, you will use the website to extract your data […]

External link to research paper

research paper

Chapter 11 – Information Governance and Privacy and Security Functions Chapter 11 – According to the authors, privacy and security go hand in hand; and hence, privacy cannot be protected without implementing proper security controls and technologies. Today, organizations must make not only reasonable efforts to offer protection of privacy of data, but also must go much further as privacy breaches are damaging to its […]

External link to Case Analysis – Performance Lawn Equipment

Case Analysis – Performance Lawn Equipment

Elizabeth Burke has recently joined the PLE management team to oversee production operations. She has reviewed the types of data that the company collects and has assigned you the responsibility to be her chief analyst in the coming weeks. To prepare for this task, you have decided to review each worksheet and determine whether the data were gathered from internal sources, external sources, or have […]

External link to 11/11 Discussion Post/ and student response

11/11 Discussion Post/ and student response

This is a class discussion post that needs to be approximately 2-5 paragraphs in length.  ***Discussion Post should be followed accordingly each question asked needs to be answered. ********I will post the students response below.  With the Student response it should be 1 paragraph in length reply to the students disccusion. ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS […]

External link to 2 Separate questions

2 Separate questions

   According to Quarantelli (2008) and Perry and Lindell (2003) what are the common misconceptions about human behavior in disasters?  ***Focus on two specific behaviors in your response and provide examples from the readings*** · Perry, R. & Lindell, M. (2003). Understanding Citizen Response to Disasters with Implications for Terrorism, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 11 (2), 49-60. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= · Quarantelli E.L. (2008). Conventional […]

External link to project for use Marxism analyzing a film or music

project for use Marxism analyzing a film or music

4-5pages  You can use your favorite movie or music. Article can refer to the picture. For details, please refer to the attachment. There are examples and information Background: Beginning in the 1960s, Marxist intellectuals in Britain began to study the reception of popular music by the social elites. These studies led to a distinctly British tradition of music analysis that has been referred to as […]

External link to rewrite essay

rewrite essay

i want to rewrite my essay, and talk about the problem in general all around the world and use Saudi Arabia as main example this my touter feedback :  Nayef, This is a very good starting point, with some good ideas. You made a sufficient job in almost all the evaluated areas, but this still needs some work to take a good shape.  These are […]

External link to D7


Discussion 1: Conformity Fashion is a fascinating phenomenon, largely because people seem to conform to its dictates. Be it clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, home décor, lifestyle, and even body styles, people tend to go along with the latest trends. Media fashion images are inescapable; at supermarket checkouts, fashion magazine covers feature perfectly dressed, coifed, accessorized women and tanned, broad-shouldered, men with six-pack abs and […]

External link to Can you help me complete my ABC marketing plan

Can you help me complete my ABC marketing plan

Assignment 3 Part 2: Business Plan – Draft  Due Week 8 and worth 30 points  This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a draft of your business plan and an income statement containing your business plan financials (i.e. Week 7 Discussion “The Financials”). Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.  You must intend to raise money for […]

External link to Kilo


  Each initial post should be at least 250 words. Also, respond to at least TWO fellow students’ initial posts with at least 50 words each. Please do not simply compliment them on a job well done. Ask questions and/or provide thoughtful insight and continue the discussion they have started. You are also expected to reply to anyone who responds to your initial post. Remember, […]

External link to CRJ420 wk8 assignment due SUN by 10pm EST

CRJ420 wk8 assignment due SUN by 10pm EST

  Assignment 3: Leadership and Decision Making We have witnessed many Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) directors, each with their unique style of leadership, throughout U.S. history. Some directors are noteworthy for their achievements, while others are infamous for their lack of performance. Using research on the Internet and various Strayer library journals or databases, research FEMA directors’ actions over the past thirty (30) years […]

External link to Legal Process Kevin

Legal Process Kevin

 In our continuing case with Scott Mayo (the accused) and Basil Scowen (the victim), Mayo shot Scowen after an argument ensued.  Based on the known facts at this time the police appropriately arrested Mayo based on probable cause.  The probable cause utilized in the arrest is Mayo being in possession of a firearm, verbally confessing to shooting Scowen, and witnesses providing eye witness verbal statements on various […]

External link to Database security

Database security

Article : https://www.911.gov/pdf/OEC_Fact_Sheet_Cyber_Risks_NG911.pdf Write an essay of at least 500 words analyzing a subject you find in this article related to a threat to confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data. Use an example from the news. Include at least one quote from each of 3 different articles, place the words you copied (do not alter or paraphrase the words) in quotation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from […]

External link to Power Point Assignment

Power Point Assignment

  Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Influenza is a virus that can be easily spread from person to person and kills thousands of people each year. Healthcare workers are at risk of exposing themselves to infectious diseases from patients and material and therefore can also potentially transmit these diseases to others. Preventing and controlling the spread of vaccine preventable diseases in the health care setting is vital to […]

External link to Discussion: Impact on Family Functioning

Discussion: Impact on Family Functioning

There are multiple types of exceptionalities with some being more severe than others. For example, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy are types of exceptionalities that affect the cognitive, behavioral, and physical functioning of a child or adolescent. Children and adolescents with learning disorders and pervasive disorders such as autism spectrum disorders or Asperger syndrome may have difficulty with social interactions and often require academic remediation. […]

External link to CLASGN6


ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED, IN APA FORMAT AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN-IT-IN. DUE DATE IS 03/30/20 @6PM   Assignment: Length: 1250 words. Use APA style to format your paper Cite all references A great many cases received in a forensic laboratory involve sexual offenses, making it necessary to examine exhibits for the presence of seminal stains. Describe the following ways seminal fluid […]

External link to Essay Writing

Essay Writing

  Career Planning You have found an opening for your dream job in human services. For the application, you are asked to write a formal paper discussing the social problem that you are passionate about and conduct research on that topic. You must also show that you understand the roles, responsibilities, and functions/activities of this position, and be able to relate them to the social […]

External link to 2 DISCUSSIONS – DUE IN 6 HOURS – 250 WORDS EACH


  Cultural Competence After reading the chapter and the section on cultural competencies (p. 209 – 214), select two videos to view from the Multimedia list on the Week Five Resources page list provided on the website. All videos are located in the Ashford University Library’s PsychTHERAPY database. The videos are grouped based on the video titles; however, clients in the videos may identify with more […]

External link to Discussion: Developing Political Strategies

Discussion: Developing Political Strategies

   Wk 9 discussion SOCW 6361 Discussion: Developing Political Strategies In this week’s resources, you explore the stories of Susana and the Bradley family. They are all in situations that need social work intervention and advocacy. What political strategies would you use to enact policies developed to assist these individuals? In this Discussion, you develop political strategies to address one aspect of the situation(s) and […]

External link to proposal for psy 610

proposal for psy 610

  Invervention Proposal In Week Three, you created a literature review around the scenario  that you selected in Week One. For the Week Six assignment, you will  create an intervention proposal that contains a professional  recommendation for the chosen case study. The Intervention Proposal  should incorporate any feedback that the instructor provided in the Week  Four Literature Review or Week Two Annotated Bibliography assignments. In […]

External link to Week 8 Discussion 1 – Beyond the Scoreboard

Week 8 Discussion 1 – Beyond the Scoreboard

  Week 8 Discussion 1 – Beyond the Scoreboard Access and read the article below. Then consider the scenario that follows. Beyond the Scoreboard Link:    http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/nov12/vol70/num03/Beyond-the-Scoreboard.aspx A sixth grade teacher in your school is having serious problems with classroom management. She had been a math lab teacher before she took this position. After three months of chaos, a chair has came flying out of the […]

External link to Discussion 4 TM

Discussion 4 TM

Communication and Team Decision Making Part 1: Sharpening the Team Mind: Communication and Collective Intelligence A.    What are some of the possible biases and points of error that may arise in team communication systems? In addition to those cited in the opening of Chapter 6, what are some other examples of how team communication problems can lead to disaster? B.      Revisit communication failure examples in Exhibit 6-1. Identify […]

External link to week 4 assignment 1

week 4 assignment 1

 Assignment 1: The Art of Negotiation   Research a current conflict or negotiation in progress from the  last 6 months like peace talks in the Middle East, a corporate merger, a  labor dispute, etc.   Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:  Briefly describe the selected negotiation.  Examine the issues versus the interests of the parties involved. Determine how this difference affected the […]

External link to A Multi-National Analysis of Healthcare Strategies

A Multi-National Analysis of Healthcare Strategies

Many advocates of healthcare reform point to the high level of spending on healthcare in the United Sates and the relatively poor health outcomes in the U.S. as compared to other countries.  While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) greatly decreased the number of U.S. citizens without health insurance, the United States still stands more or less alone among wealthy industrialized democracies in […]

External link to ESSAY QUESTION 1 PAGE


As it goes “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” obviously there is a big difference between males and females when it comes to social interaction. There are gender differences in communication styles. Men and women don’t understand each other for the most part, which leads to misunderstandings and conflict. Arguments occur between a man and a woman or husband and wife because of different communication styles. When the […]

External link to free market

free market

Emerging markets are economies that are moving towards becoming what are known as ‘developed markets’. This usually takes place as they become more industrialized and embrace free market economics. An example of advanced markets would be the U.S. Conversely, examples of emerging markets would be countries across the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, such as Indonesia, Chile and Vietnam. Emerging markets usually have lower levels […]

External link to ENT300


Students will develop an idea (product/service) for an entrepreneurial business venture.  The business idea needs to be a new venture, not an existing company. The report will include the areas listed below. Note that the second and third assignments will build off of this, using the same entrepreneurial business venture idea. Describe: 1. the product or service 2. the target market (what group is going […]

External link to Final Reflection

Final Reflection

  Directions: Review the Model Essay document in the online classroom. Use the sample as a guide to complete your own. Then, in a five-paragraph essay that is three to four pages in length, address the following: Paragraph 1: Your identity as a learner has a major impact on how you engage in learning. How can awareness of your Learning Patterns, skills, and experiences help you […]

External link to Statistics


1. You’re on a game show and given the option of taking $800 cash or playing a dice game with the following rules. You will roll the dice 10 times. Each 1 that you roll you win $300, each 2 or 3 you roll you win $150, each 4 or 5 you roll you win $120 and every 6 you roll you lose $450 of […]

External link to Project Management BUS 375

Project Management BUS 375

        Week 5 Discussion: Dedicated or Non-Dedicated Resources  Collapse        Overall Rating:   You are now deciding on resources for a project team. You have a choice to staff a team of resources who will be dedicated (or allocated) 100% to the project, or staff a team of resources who will be dedicated (or allocated) part time to your project; however, they will dedicate 100% to the […]

External link to Very short Macro Econ Assignment

Very short Macro Econ Assignment

“The Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Theory is about how two countries can get greater gains from trading with each other if they have different resources – one have more labor and the other have more capital (that is technical equipment and machinery). By specializing in production, and by trading with other countries, it is possible for countries to increase their incomes. Even though countries as a whole […]

External link to Impact of Peace Critique memo

Impact of Peace Critique memo

(DOCUMENT SHOULD BE ATTACHED) The purpose of the weekly assignments is to improve your ability to critique selected defense reports, studies and briefings. They will help us to help you to quickly grasp the analytical foundation of any work, evaluate it, and to offer your views on it-· the key steps in critical thinking about defense analyses. Because any defense leader-or any leader, for that […]

External link to Operating System Overview and Analysis

Operating System Overview and Analysis

Description of LASA: In this assignment, you will select a real-world operating system (can be for a PC, server, tablet, handheld, or embedded device). You will introduce the operating system and its components and then present and evaluate the operating system’s underlying components. Scenario You have recently accepted a position as Director of System Administration at ViralMedia, a company that provides software for use by […]

External link to Upload Your Annotated Bibliography for the Gardening Research Essay

Upload Your Annotated Bibliography for the Gardening Research Essay

  Annotated Bibliography: List the sources you will be  using for your essay.  Do not number the sources.  You must follow all  the MLA formatting rules for biographical citations (see the course  reader for correct formatting and a sample annotated bibliography).  Check Canvas for the due date.  10pts. Below each citation, you must provide a short summary of what,  overall, the source is about and […]

External link to Week2 Discussion 1

Week2 Discussion 1

Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 4 Lecture File (PDF): Presentation (Pearson, 17e) – Chapter 4 (in Course Documents) Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook) Introduction This discussion explores the difference between emotions and moods, and how each can impact organizational and group effectiveness. Initial Post Instructions For the initial post, address the following: How are emotions […]

External link to Writing Assessment

Writing Assessment

Prompt: Based on the challenges and strategies discussed by Pifer and Baker (2016), what challenges do you anticipate you will face in your doctoral program? What strategies will you apply to work through these challenges in your doctoral journey? http://ijds.org/Volume11/IJDSv11p015-034Pifer2155.pdf Write a 1-2-page, double-spaced essay in response to the prompt above. To present your strongest writing skills, submit an essay that: Provides a focused and clear […]

External link to pyschology quiz u must login to complete

pyschology quiz u must login to complete

Summary Description Description: Psychology is an interesting field of study because the theories and concepts that you learn can often be observed in the world around you. This assignment allows you to consider material you have covered in the content of this module and apply those concepts to your own life. Tasks: Access the worksheet using the “Start Quiz” button below. Follow the instructions for […]

External link to Physical security research project

Physical security research project

 ➢ Research topic:   Crime Prevention through CPTED o Introduced and described to establish the main ideas and context of the proposed study (At least 3 paragraphs at least 8 different citations) ➢ Provide an overview of the research project o (Provide credible information from authors or practitioners who have conducted research in this discipline and have recommended more research is needed) (At least 4 paragraphs […]

External link to Marketing


Marketing is more than advertising- it refers to delivering value and benefits, creating products and services that will meet the needs and wants of customers at a price they are willing to pay and in places where they are willing to buy them. Please respond to the following this week:  1. Identify and briefly describe the biggest competitor for your NAB business. What is their […]

External link to Assignment 1: Innovation, Technology, and Risk

Assignment 1: Innovation, Technology, and Risk

  Assignment 1: Innovation, Technology, and Risk  Due Week 4 and worth 175 points Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which the following are addressed: Explain the interrelationship between innovation and entrepreneurship. Compare the risks and benefits of a social-organization as it relates to change and innovation. Speculate how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will influence organizations in the next 10 years. […]

External link to Professional Skills Paper

Professional Skills Paper

  Research best practices for treatment of and interventions for your selected population using peer-reviewed journal articles from the University Library. Use the research to determine the type of treatment program for your selected population. Create a visually appealing brochure to introduce and promote your population specific treatment program and the intervention services. Include the following components in your informational brochure: Briefly introduce your Community […]

External link to Who would be able to complete this assignment in a timely manner?

Who would be able to complete this assignment in a timely manner?

Time Due: 5 PM central time   Effective Lecture   Svinicki and McKeachie (2014) state, “Effective lectures  combine the  talents of scholar, writer, producer, comedian, entertainer,  and  teacher in ways that contribute to student learning” (p. 58).  Imagine  you are hired to present a lecture to a group of adult learners  on any  topic that is of personal or professional interest.   For  this assignment […]

External link to 100 word positive response to the below narrative with three references due tonight at 11 PM sharp

100 word positive response to the below narrative with three references due tonight at 11 PM sharp

According to “What is Nursing Informatics?” (2019), “Nursing informatics is the specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice.” The most important part of informatics is being specialized and trained in technology and nursing but the next important is communication. This involves many areas in the medical field.  “To provide proper care […]

External link to CMPEN LAB


This question uses the MARS MIPS simulator. The goal is to write a loop in assembly that converts hexadecimal numbers into UTF-8 binary sequences. The details are as follows: You should copy-and-paste the file lab2.txt [which is pasted below] into the MARS editor, and then save the file as your own, for editing. Spend some time trying to see what it does. The parts that […]

External link to Final Research Paper

Final Research Paper

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, Read Chapter 13 of your primary text. The Final Research Paper builds on itself throughout the course. Each week is broken down below. Week 1: Select one of the Department of Homeland Security missions of your choice. This must be a stand-alone statement following your introduction and thesis (e.g., DHS Mission: Secure and Manage our Borders, or Safeguard […]

External link to memo


Summary of the Assignment:     Task:  you will write a memo to your instructor.   Length:  300-450 words     Description of the Memo:    This assignment is designed to help prepare you in writing the white paper, which is the last writing assignment in the class.    In writing this memo, please use the following format for the top of the memo:    To: […]

External link to Getting Started in Communication Research

Getting Started in Communication Research

art 1: Write a research question within an area of communication research in which you are interested in answering, i.e., relational conflict, media messages, organizational communication, etc. Complete the following based on your research question in 50 to 100 words: Write two one-tailed hypotheses that relate two variables that you have an interest in exploring. For each hypothesis, you should use different variables.  Please see […]

External link to Research Paper

Research Paper

  To complete this assignment, upload a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) that contains your complete paper. Remember that your list of sources must be in APA format, and you MUST cite your reference in the body of the paper using APA in-text citation format. A source is any paper or article that you will reference in your paper. If you need more information […]

External link to Discussion3


Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 250-350 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. How healthcare services are provided is constantly changing.  While historically, emergency departments (ED) was physically located within the hospital building, […]

External link to Assigment


  Complete a self-assessment to identify and list three primary core and personal values, attitudes, and communication styles, draft a 1-2 page personal statement highlighting personal values, attitudes and communication style and detail how this statement may be exhibited in the workplace. This the results of the test I took: ISTPIntrovert(11%)  Sensing(50%)  Thinking(1%)  Perceiving(11%) You have slight preference of Introversion over Extraversion (11%) You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (50%) […]

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